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Nepalese discovery 3 people fasten 53 seismic victim remains foreign mountain-climbing guest

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In report will occupy new network on June 9 outside intermediary reports 9 days, nepalese army makes a statement, be in last weekend Jiademan the area of Lang Tang village with north, dig 53 victim remains, among them guest of mountain-climbing of 3 factitious foreign countries.

Local time on June 2, 2015, nepalese Jiademan is northeast area of 50 kilometers Sindhupalchowk, nepalese army message says, 2 days, nepalese a helicopter is in crash of seismic disaster area, the army has found 4 remains. The report says, nepalese a major general says, the army crash of a helicopter, army has reached the spot, found 4 remains.

Strong shock of Nepalese on April 25 experience causes an avalanche, be located in capital Jia Deman the Lasuwa that with north 60 kilometers are in prefectural Lang Tang village, area of cent having a department by bury of heavy snow riprap.

Early before, the team that rescue dug about 128 victim remains over; Will produce an avalanche again on May 12, a few remains that find formerly again by bury. Authorities worries the safety of the personnel that rescue, because this decides time-out,rescue the job.

Nepalese army expresses, its disaster tightens team of emergency treatment rescue to restore to dig the job after avalanche risk is reduced, digging 53 remains las

t weekend, among them 3 victims are foreign mountain-climbing guest.

Brigadier says Bokaleier of Nepalese army spokesman: We still do not decide these 53 remains are new discovery at present, still include early before after be being come out by mining by the 128 victims remains of another avalanche bury.

Pull Badalai of head of a county of Su Wa county to show local police and villager also are joined help, use scoop and hoe to undertake mining in succession, the guest of more than 10 mountain-climbing of a month and Nepalese villager already were missing in hoping to find shock is in the ground.

Will reach two strong shock May 12 on April 25, cause death of more than 8700 people, it is Nepalese the most serious natural disaster since having a record.

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