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Phenanthrene intermediary is painful approve Ajinuo to provoke China: Apparent incendiary not necessary

To Ajinuo sansei and how of times interview this, website of German world socialist judges exposition and argumentation 4 days, repugn of people general heart is evil, during World War II Japan ever occupational Philippine, install times it is Japan's most right-wing since World War II prime minister, sansei of A radical Nuo right now with install times station to criticize China together, and the victim that China is Japanese militarism. The article says, 3 days of suggestive China resemble A Jinuo Nazi Germany, the fact is China not be an imperialism country, it also does not have minatory and aggressive anybody.

Sansei of A radical Nuo is evil-minded China of bring shame on continues 4 days to ferment like the opinion on public affairs of Nazi Germany. That day, on press conference of Philippine president government office, the topic is mentioned again. This before today spokesman of Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs is angry approve A Jinuo sansei, state square to phenanthrene leader feels about absurd and unjustifiable opinion on public affairs astonish and express to resent strongly and object. Chen Xianda of spokesman of phenanthrene president government office claims 4 days, of Chinese respect make known one's position babyish, he calls Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs the official is in the audience that caters to themselves, we won't speak babyish opinion on public affairs to satisfy them again, want to if this issue discusses on World Court,be in on more expensive platform.

The president provokes China needlessly. Philippine " Manila times " 3 days later on painful approve A Jinuo sansei, this kind apparent incendiary not was necessary it seems that. The article says, notable is, government of A radical Nuo is right the practice of territorial dispute, brought about actually right Philippine worse situation. Sansei of A radical Nuo is in office period, china is in the dilate of Nanhai is to quicken, rein in of and rather than. Today, philippine fisherman is fewerer than before can enter fishing ground. We can hope presidential reason considers only. Does he think the Chinese can is in is the American navy of open to question

domanial periphery frightened? The Chinese is more possible more strong. Is Philippine hope Sino-US produce shooting war for open to question territory? I wish won't, when because become,giant collides, resemble Philippine such small part, will by squash. Correct type ground is told, of Asia-Pacific area not stable, minatory and whole area, include Philippine economic development.

Russia satellite network thinks, of China of A Jinuo sansei general fill the sea to build the ground and the outspread photograph of the 3rd empire compare, this shows its rise to Chinese animosity to new height. Report, do not make a person angry with German photograph bit of Xitele, because Beijing is one of last batches of countries in establishment of installation of The Nansha Islands. Country of other sound all alone, include Vietnam, Malaysia, philippine, advance guard and runway are built on the island already a few years. Till not long ago, beijing just begins his construction. According to the logic of A Jinuo sansei, philippine going up early apparently the century begins to engineer blitz before 80 time. Report, particularly acid is, he chooses this to censure is the capital in an Axis powers, why to no matter

Philippine president has to China,feel, japan has not offer formal apology in the part of World War II to its. (willow of Wang Xi of the Li Daming in Li Zhen land is straight)


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