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Actor of Hollywood flower book goes to Syria to hit IS to say not dread gives life

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Occupy daily of French media 3 to, ever went out act " Caribbean pilfer: Get together fetch coffin " reach " battle of danger affection espionage " Lai of favour of Er of Michael of actor of 51 years old of flower book is special (Michael Enright) , because of intolerable Mohammedan country (the violence of IS) , abandon act art the career heads for Syria, join Kuerde to arm, in order

to strike holy battle member.

Lai of Michael Er fav

our is special

According to the report, behead hostage, slaughter Yacidi minority and kidnap air man of killing Jordan, the savage act that Mohammedan country commits makes Enlaite head for Syria. He is interviewed in TV in express, mohammedan country must be eradicated, they are human stain.

Enlaite shows name instead Musidafamaikeali (Mustafa Michael Ali) , he passed gregarious website and soldier of library Er heart to acquire connection. Subsequently, the area that Enlaite reachs Xikuerdesitan (Rojava) , accept martial training over. England " daily Post " the report says, enlaite names his AK-47 musket for Olga, carry at any time beside.

According to England " independent newspaper " the report says, enlaite does not fear to sacrifice in Syria. In case oneself can no more living return England, enlaite still sends a letter to give a dear one even, say in the letter, he heads for Syria is not to escape, fight to undertake however. If must be cost in order to die, so he will surely give life.

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