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Malfunction of brake of Nigeria tank truck bumps into public transportation station to produce explosion to already was sent 85 dead

In report will occupy new network on June 3 outside intermediary report, local time 1 day, the cloth austral A of Nigeria southeast ministry helps a city a public transportation station bumps after out of control of a tank truck, traffic accident spot explodes and cause conflagration. Nigeria authorities shows 2 days, the death toll has risen to 85 people.

According to the report, those of official of Nigeria Red Cross gets dust plum to block Kathy to express, 29 people are in different hospital go to a doctor, still be in critical condition.

Wushennaaize of Nigeria police spokesman expresses, local time 1 day afternoon 3 when the left and right sides, a tank truck pulls state economy center in the cloth austral A out of control bumps into Aonicha into terminal of a bus near one island of city managing link.

It is reported, tank truck is in at that time at that time declivous, brake is out of order, bump into the explosion after public transportation station.

Dust lustre say, many 10 bus and many autocycle by burn down.

An eyewitness expresses, conflagration was burned sufficient have a hour, firemen just commands igneous force. We a lot of people feel won't dead at the beginning how many person, when although a few people are at large,leaving the scene serious burn.

Media thinks, this kind of accident is in petroliferous big country Nigeria it may be said is common. The road of bumpy, ageing and the old fre

ight car that maintains not to be pooh-poohed, the exhaustion that falls for long in high pressure drives, may cause an accident. In July 2012, a tank truck of Nigeria eve

r caused crude oil leak because of breaking up for side and on fire, many 100 person that grabs oil is burned dead.


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