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North of China of outfit of homebred mobile phone fights Vietnam navigation system is boycotted by local netizen

Login register country of Vietnam of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to produce a mobile phone to install Chinese north to fight navigation system to boycott origin: by local netizen? Salary  ?2015-06-03 09:0Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 8 Http:// channel [summary] the report is unscrambled say, this is the safe menace that brings possibly to Chinese technology apparently generation misgive.

Vietnam " green annals " the website reports 1 day, vietnam the high-end smartphone of the first own research and development because inside buy China north fights navigation system, suffer the boycott of netizen of a few Vietnam. Nevertheless, local technologist says, these netizens are much Lv.

Mobile phone

End of client of Xin Huaguo border understands, this mobile phone that the name is Bphone is located in the BKAV company inside the river to design production by headquarters, support 3 kinds of navigation system, include the north of the Geluonasi of American GPS, Russia and China to fight. BKAV says, this is the smartphone that the first true Vietnam produces.

" green ann

als " the website reports, netizen of a few Vietnam because north of China of support of this mobile phone fights navigation system and the appeal gives boycott. The report is unscrambled say, this is the safe menace that brings possibly to Chinese technology apparently generation misgive.

But a few technologists of local think this is not what problem, because Bphone is not the mobile phone that uses Chinese north exclusively to fight navigation system, the much money mobile phone such as SamSung, Suo Ni, Microsoft supports this one system.

Fan Hongfu of Vietnam technology news analyst says, from the point of technology and use angle, an electron equipment is comfortable the technical parameter that match is more, can bring the experience with good more to consumer more.

Be in China when you when, the mobile phone that uses north of a support to fight is more convenient than GPS. If the target of BKAV is not confined to Vietnam home market, so inside science and technology of buy more navigation is must, he says.

He says, the problem here is apt of some Vietnam person generate doubt to any things that concern with China.

Research and development before the BKAV company of this mobile phone advocate course of study is to oppose virus software development. Presiding apparitor Ruan Zi is wide say, this company uses technical advantage to make Bphone can isolate effectively software of virus, rubbish and emissary software.

Xinhua News Agency is stationed in Le Yanna of the reporter inside the river to say, bphone2 day begins to sell on BKAV official net. As we have learned, the model price that 16G of this mobile phone configures is in 455 dollars, the model price with 64G and aureate 128G is mixed for 595 dollars respectively 927 dollars.

Except " the youth signs up for " outside, the reporter did not see other media reports Vietnam to boycott the message of Bphone about the netizen. End of client of Xin Huaguo border understands, vietnam " the youth signs up for " the Vietnam news that waits for media to cannot report Chinese news He Shehua in the round objectively normally, the health that disturbs relationship of trade of two countries classics develops, go up objectively the popular wishes that in be opposite, partner of more overall strategy concerns

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