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Burmese response artillery shell falls into Yunnan: Know Chinese churchyard to happen to explode together only

Login register text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian Burmese response artillery shell falls into Yunnan: Know Chinese churchyard to produce: of origin of one detonate blast only? ?2015-05-19 10:0 of nobeliun Song LangEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 7 Http:// channel [summary] Burmese understand only in China churchyard happening explodes together, still need further investigation to accident reason

To 4 Burmese artillery shell fall into Chinese churchyard matters concerned again last week, spokesman of Burmese propaganda head of a department, president expresses, burmese government understands only at present in China churchyard happening explodes together, to accident reason and artillery shell sort, still need further investigation.

Burmese artillery shell falls into Chinese sketch map

This month 14, again artillery shell falls into Chinese Yunnan to save churchyard again, cause several people to get hurt, to this in square already to Burmese express intense dissatisfaction, requirement remote just takes effective measures, but when graph of Wu Xie of spokesman of Burmese propaganda head of a department, president is answering this stage reporter to quiz, express, did not admit incident is directly cause by Burmese respect.

Wu Xie pursues: Above all we are accepted only at present event of one detonate blast produced in Chinese churchyard, to this explosion incident, it is the artillery shell of what sort after all, it is what reason is brought about, we need to resemble last same, need makes careful investigation.

To the war conflict of Burmese home, for many times artillery shell falls into Chinese churchyard to cause the loss of Chinese people living on the frontiers, the graph expresses Wu Xie, two countries of the remote in the hope can provide t

he security that controls good border land jointly.

Wu Xie pursues: Will maintain two countries relationship to how, two countries needs to rise jointly, do not let turn over a government to arm border of the remote in constituent general continues to serve as base. Because these armed organizations exist,still have, there also are weapon smuggling and drug trafficking in the meantime. These armed organizations obtain weaponry and food from where, where can the wounded go to go to a doctor, these we need a consideration. Was thought to avoid such incident, not be Burmese only, if (in remote) two countries can control border land jointly, I want to be able to avoid similar such incident.

This is Burmese government official fall into Chinese churchyard incident again to artillery shell first make known one's position, at present remote intermediary reports, burmese government army had razziaed courageous and resolute the strategic area of allied forces, burmese parliament has passed resolution, will courageous and resolute critical condition lengthens the area 90 days. (phoenix is defended inspect Yang Shaomou Burmese report)

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