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Beautiful undergraduate suffers " A pleasant " inspire a challenge 100 days to run 5000 kilometers

Login register beautiful undergraduate of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to suffer " A pleasant " inspire a challenge 100 days to run: of 5000 kilometers origin? Be not Nao?2015-05-16 11:3Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 2 Http:// channel [summary] American boy gets the film " A Gan Zhengchuan " inspire begin to last 100 day, course of development pass through 3200 miles plan of American long-distance running

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上海千花网论坛 5 of website of news of American seek novelty 13 days to report, american boy train of thought of heart of Ba Kelai Europe this (Barclay Oudersluys) gets the film " A Gan Zhengchuan " inspire, began to last 100 day, course of development 3200 miles (about 5120 kilometre) pass through plan of American long-distance running.

It is reported, ba Kelai gets of this film inspire, after fathomming film, make give with piece in the course of likeness of course of hero long-distance running, name its the pleasant that it is A the plan. Local time on May 9, he sets out from the Shengdamonika of American California city, the Marshall horn beacon that plans to will arrive at Maine on August 16. The line that he designs will span 15 cities of American, overall length 3200 miles, be equivalent to wanting to finish 32 miles everyday (about 51 kilometre) distance.

This is not adventure of first time life. Go up big temporarily, he ever rode from Chicago row 700 miles (about 1126 kilometre) arrive at north city of Ka Luolai accept. Since then, ba Kelai begins to undertake each physical ability moves. To complete a plan smoothly,

ba Kelai made adequate preparation. Weekly, he can undertake taking exercise with 4 days of time, run in the morning 15 miles () of about 24 kilometre, run in the evening 5 reach 10 miles (about 8 to 16 kilometre) . He still consulted relevant note to doctor and ran analyst.

Ba Kelai expresses: One day runs 30 miles (about 48 kilometre) what to calculate, but hold to 100 days, run everyday 30 miles are a very big challenge really. During long-distance running plans to carry out, ba Kelai gets up before sunrise, run about 20 miles () of about 52 kilometre, make a bit rest, pass supplementary food or small rest come refection. Evening, he can continue long-distance running. A pleasant of Ba Kelai plans and be him challenge not just, he still hopes to borrow this to raise money for beneficent orgnaization money of be apt to.

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