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In Nepalese be missing beautiful helicopter debris is discovered the spot has 3 remains

In report will occupy new network on May 15 associated press report, nepalese defense minister announces 15 days local time, before discovering this, be in Nepalese participate in provide disaster relief, and the American helicopter debris that is missing subsequently. The rescuer still discovered remains of the victim on 3 machine around debris.

Nepalese army personage says, they discovered helicopter wreckage in sky before this, land around. Discovered these 3 remains around debris subsequently. Nepalese army still continues to search the personnel on additionally 5 machine around debris.

According to American media coverage, when wearing helicopter to act 12 days in Nep

alese executive aid local time, American Marine Corps is missing. According to saying, an India helicopter ever got the message that it issues, show occurrence fuel issue.

Headquarters of American Pacific Ocean confirms, marine Corps helico

pter of a Huey is missing. The Pentagon says, there are 6 leathernecks and two Nepalese soldiers on helicopter.

Report, this is missing heart of the fruit in helicopter Gang Xiangze is overhand a batch of recruit, sign is lost when flying to another place to provide disaster relief. As a result of the day when be missing black, cannot launch the search in sky, but Nepalese army has dispatched subsequently search.


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