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Unscramble liberation army phalanx to come on the stage obtain the most special courteous reception to control axial account orderly

Login register text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to unscramble liberation army phalanx to come on the stage obtain: of origin of the most special courteous reception to control axial account orderly? Be not?2015-05-11 08:2 of north of the larva of a tapeworm or the cercaria of a schistosomeEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 8 Http:// channel [summary] Chinese honour guard also goes in red field first. The relation in making clear Russia achieves unprecedented Gao Shuiping.

Of western country desolate, what did not reduce parade of Muscovite this year red field is grand and enthusiastic. With what differ 10 years ago be, what sit by general Beijing to watch parade in those days is presidential small Bush holds

the post of when the United States, and what sit beside general Beijing this year is Xi Jinping of Chinese state chairman.

Chinese honour guard comes on the stage

9 days, the look of the world joins red field of Xiang Mosi division, but attention object is Russia not just, still have China. What each big media camera lens pays close attention to the Xi Jinping on rostrum and general Beijing particularly is interactive. Xi Jinping and general Beijing sit in side-by-side the first, make the same score nearly in be used to on the right side of it is madam Peng Liyuan. Although this reviews general has had count hour talk before today, but the two people in whole military review often smile chat. Russia " Pravda of the Youth League " say 10 days, it is only during parade, see from inside camera lens, general Beijing and Xi Jinping undertake 9 times talk. Chinese honour guard also goes in red field first. The relation in making clear Russia achieves unprecedented Gao Shuiping.

In the west one boycotts sound in, russia regards the attendance of Chinese leader as spirit support. Arrive from the motorcade that meets leader the honour guard number that joins military review, gave China unique highest treatment. Before be used to makes the same score 10 days of leave to go to White Russia nearly, russia still sent martial music group and army honour guard, accept Chinese leader to inspect again in the airport.

Russia just gives what be used to makes the same score highest norms nearly to recieve. 8 days, " round-the-world times " the report

er encounters the motorcade that receives Xi Jinping in presidential restaurant. There is 7 autocycles clear the way in front of its motorcade, guard car is later, it is sedan next, there still are several Yi Weike from the back, there is patron wagon ending finally, various car eduction is apart from nearly 100 meters.

Chinese phalanx is too too elegant, uniform! Companion is worn " Sha of autumn of noise made in coughing or vomiting " melody, the square group of weapons of army of the Chinese People's Liberation Army that forms by 102 people is easy, had taken red field uprightly, on reviewing stand, chairman Xi Jinping rises to wave to them present one's compliment. After 9 days of parade end, the header of each country honour guard appears on square, among them Li Bentao of header of Chinese army honour guard is paid close attention to particularly, many Russians ask with his group photo.

Up to now, chinese army honour guard is gone to in all abroad had carried out 5 times suffer read the assignment, 9 days of China that join red field parade suffer read phalanx to be 102 people, it is dimensions the biggest. And suffer in this in soliciting 10 countries that enter red field parade, chinese square team also is the number is maximum, other 9 nations square group suffers reading a number is 70 people. Personage of know the inside story tells " round-the-world times " reporter, this is the program that after both sides talks things over, manages.

In come on the stage on sort, chinese honour guard also gets special treat. According to alphabetical sort, china ought be discharged be in the 9th, but adjust end however, press an axis to come on the stage. Diplomacy does not have bagatelle. An army personage is right " round-the-world times " explained this is planted delicate adjust show the depth that give second meaning, platoon of Chinese square team is in last of international phalanx, it is ever since advocate square team of Bin Guoe Ross, concern of the Russia in was being revealed is joined cheek by jowl.

Army honour guard is in of parade ceremonially perfect reveal also got Russia speaks favorably of just. 9 days, when Xi Jinping and meeting of Jeff of Wei of heart of Russian premier plum, jeff of plum heart Wei says Chinese phalanx gives person impression special profundity, training level is very high. (round-the-world times goes to round-the-world times of red of Yuan of Guo of Russia special correpondent to be stationed in Qing Mu of reporter of German engage by special arrangement Hou Tao of Liu Yupeng of Lai of the Kingdom of Wei of round-the-world times reporter)

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