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Day intermediary: Japanese zoo experience is little child change crisis offspring to put add not easy

In report will occupy new network on July 24 day intermediary report, japanese zoo greets progenitive fastigium recently. In June, the panda of wild zoo on Tokyo is delivered of young cub eventually really. But the experts of Japanese zoo think, it is not easy to should ensure the offspring of the animal inside garden puts add.

According to the report, association of Japanese zoo aquaria only Wu trustee plaints上海千花网论坛 into insular Yue hero: Especially large animal heir is exiguous. E.g. the African elephant that is loved by people, the Japan when 2015 has 38, according to association computative the meeting when 2030 decreases reach 7. Return existence gorilla to reduce 6 head, tapir and penguin to be in Japan when 2030 from 13 disappeared possibility.

Day intermediary points out, pessimistic computative basis stems from the reality of animal breed go from bad to worse. The rare animal such as elephant and orangutan must introduce animal conjugate breed from abroad. But after environmental protection regulation becomes strict, from abroad it is more and more difficult to buy wild animal.

Also have borrow planted idea from foreign zoo, but do not easily. Express into the island: Euramerican zoo does not wish to borrow an animal to gi上海千花网论坛ve Japan the zoo.

The report says, the relevant law of Japanese zoo did not set detailed standard, the state of the establishment inside garden is uneven also. This is the account that the Euramerican zoo with rigid standard produces distrust to feel[......]


One ballroom produces German southern part pop case sends 2 people to die 4 people are injured

The intermediary outside occupying reports, local time this month 30 days of before dawn, one holds a gun gangster v/arc be on the throne firings at a discotheque of German south, bring about two people death, 上海千花网论坛4 people to get hurt.

上海千花网论坛Say additionally according to local police, the gangster fights with police happening when leaving ballroom, the condition of an injury is at present serious.

Responsibility edits: Ling Qin Li[......]


De Qi moves hamburger to hold knife assault case to fear investigating instead: Or department horror makes a surprise attack

In report will occupy new network on August 1 outside intermediary report, the investigation that arrange of German federal total procuratorial work announces to take over hamburger supermarket to oppose proposal of knife do violence works. The reason is to commit the crime the person has intention of extremely Mohammedan creed probably, if the circumstance is belonged to solid, this is horrible assault incident.

In view of the special significance of this case, arrange of 上海千花网论坛German federal total procuratorial work will express to will take over investigation job on July 31, say the case has background of extremely Mohammedan creed probably. Check just figures, was suspect of 26 years old to appear to be changed extremely before commit the crim上海千花网论坛e. But the member that still shows without evidence he is Mohammedan country or other and horrible organization.

Arrange of federal procuratorial work still expresses, there is the clew that discovery has other accomplice additionally or the behind the curtain incites in investigation. This suspect according to Mohammedan creed in the be determined before committing the crime two days dogmatic change lives, decide in what committed the crime to made executive force make a surprise attack that day. The person that he hopes he can as be buried alive with the dead is gone.

This Palestine man last week 5 in hamburger Bamubeike area (a supermarket uses Barmbek) Dao Xi strikes another person, a man of 50 years old is not treated to die into[......]


Er of Lai of gram of benefit of farad of competition of F1 China large award gives way for Weiteer listen to a directive to take the 5th

According to F1 China large award surpasses information of official public number, the young car hand of farad benefit straps Claire to express: He understands motorcade to ask in 11 he is the decision that Weiteer gives way.

Before this, when large award competition is surpassing 2019 F1 China the 11st round, at tertiary Lekelaier asked to had invited teammate according to motorcade Weiteer, but this gave adversary the power that Weisidapan pursues and attack it seems that. Adopt more effective pull in strategy, sidapan finished dimension to surmount, took finally the 4th. This also is afterwards after Australian large award is surpassed, lekelaierdi dictates 2 times because of motorcade and obtain the 5th.

This one circumstance caused many discussion after contest, the matter that makes this decision explained after nevertheless F1 motorcade the leader of a sports team pleads contest than Nuo, say this the instruction is to try to chase Meisaidesi only. After motorcade interior conference, lekelaier says he already accepted the decision of motorcade.

We had attended a meeting, lekelaier discloses to celestial sports, this is not relaxed circumstance, I struggle at the sta上海千花网论坛te of tire all the time, but we two it is, appear in those days Weit上海千花网论坛eer's rate is rapidder.

Original title: F1 farad benefit " faction " crisis of short duration understands motorcade to decide responsibility edits except Lekelaier: Li Xiaoling[......]


Male sufficient warm up is surpassed 1 overcome Si Tan than 0 small auspicious success a tower the country is sufficient advocate Shuai Li skin changes 3 degrees blast

In the contest of a warm up that ends tonight, china Guangzhou of male sufficient assume personal command 1 overcome Si Tan than auspicious of 0 conquer tower. In the match, country of the 50th dele上海千花网论坛gate is sufficient the Yang Xu that gives fight infiltrates ball of get the upper hand of, those who be his secondary attack is Wang Gang of Guo Anfei ala.

Because Iraq is lost before this at Tunisia, the country before Benchangbi is surpassed is sufficient had locked up calm Asia the position of the 8th, can play the lot of 40 strong competition July with the identity of seminal team. Below the circumstance that does not have achievement pressure, this battle is in the skin in personnel and blast model on made a test.

It is personnel above all. Compare the competition of guest of pair of Zhen Fei law, the country is sufficient a hair battle array of this battle 5 manage change. Among them the biggest change is 5 full back appear. Match begin, the country is sufficient hit 541 model.

The match the 10th minute of country is sufficient obtain banner. Wu Xi divides a ball to insert the Wang Gang that go up to right way, latter horizontal stroke passes burst open the door of secondary attack Yang Xu. This is the 24th goal of career of group of Yang Xu nation, and this field match is his representing the country is sufficient the 50th competition that gives fight, this goal has milepost sense extremely.

King of Guo Anfei ala also just was contribute secondary attack in national gro[......]


Odd battle array of name of bright summer league matches has Chinese male goal change the 3 people drop out such as Zhang Zhenlin

This afternoon, the team of Chinese basketball releases an information on gregarious media, big to existing 20 people list undertakes adjustment, liu Zhixuan, Ren Jun flies and Zhang Zhenlin 3 team member are temporary drop out.

Relapse through drill team and study cautiously, a series of elements such as integrated injury, position, tactics, chinese male basket undertook partial personnel is adjusted today, liu Zhixuan, Ren Jun flies and Zhang Zhenlin is temporary drop out, lian Linan thanked the bishop 3 players are advanced the effort of paragraph of time is paid, hope they carry the body and form, comply with at any time the call of national group. The team of Chinese basketball is written on gregarious media.

From May the middle ten days of a month builds up formally, chinese male basket had undertaken a half-moon assemble for training, during this, the physical ability reserve that experiences early days, restore and contest of the military training later, first-run warm up, with the drill team that the bishop drills Li Nan heads, big to the earliest 20 people list undertook be adjustmented for the first time, chinese male basket will undertake with 17 people battle array next prepare for war.

In 3 team member of drop out, guangdong player holds the post of fine horse to fly the worry that suffers inju上海千花网论坛ry, because the hand points to the condition of an injury, although attended the assemble for training of team,Ren Jun flies, but did not come on the stage in the warm[......]


Shandong Lu Neng ends abroad zip to go back to the motherland the 5 people in the team aid force to fight epidemic disease to display love

Shandong Lu Neng ends abroad zip to go back to the motherland the 5 people in the team aid force to fight epidemic disease to display love

Shandong Lu Nengquan team can end abroad zip 21 days, cong Di is done obeisance to return Beijing, next whole group returns club base directly.

The Lu Neng cause that give exposes to the sun before Buddhist nun of easy of the 5th foreign aids is strange, but be in enlighten during doing obeisance to, this person did not join in formally all the time, also do not have in team other the form of the 5th foreign aids, because pay respect appeared,the message that come out is bilateral difference, lu Nengru still is seeking the 5th outside help today, the position also is the full back in aiming at as before.

The message says, league matches exceeds to plan to be in in new sports season the 2nd of April weekend open, but subsequently sufficient assist the respect has a response is, when to begin to have a lot of plan about league matches at present, cannot decide. Before epidemic situation is controlled thoroughly, all plans are plan only.

The player Ceng Chaogang that Lu Nengqing lecture makes just joined in Guangzhou rich force. So far, rich force had introduced Chen Zhe to exceed one after another, Li Song beneficial and the player that ever exceeded 3 Lu Nengqing example to manufacture. Ceng Chao is Lu Nengqing example one of delegates of 93 generation, beneficial, Chen Zhe exceeds he and Li Song to be familiar with very much.

Lu Nengq[......]


Activity of time of game of open of marathon of 2020 Chengdu double involuntary discharge of urine signing up introduces

Activity of time of game of open of marathon of 2020 Chengdu double involuntary discharge of urine signing up introduces

Xinhua net sports learned from match organizing committee a few days ago, marathon of 2020 Chengdu double involuntary discharge of urine will fire a shot on March 22 start of a race, job of the match since this day signing up is started formally.

As we have learned, 2020 Chengdu double involuntary discharge of urine marathon thing dimensions upgrades by 30000 people for 40000 people, among them marathon (42.195 kilometers) marathon of 15000 people, half Cheng (21.0975 kilometers) 22000 people and joy run (about 6 kilometers) 3000 people. Before current match 200 complete horses are over the person that surpass will win 2020 Chengdu marathon direct quota of people, in addition the organizing committee still will be over from complete horse in runner random and draw-out 800 people, give direct chance likewise.

Refer arrange of this with one action, liu Yang of general manager of Yo of square double remains represents match operation, we should take out the most genuine sincerity, let run friendly people what experience double involuntary discharge of urine not only is strong beautiful, also can experience run the unique flavor in Chengdu. Also hope to carry such kind, move the person that more running.

It is reported, those who regard pair of lad as pink pass on, marathon of Chengdu double involuntary discharge of urine returns the person that run what t[......]


EStar marchs how does LPL answer thing EStar to march the actual strength with false really LPL how

EStar marchs how does LPL answer thing EStar to march the actual strength with false really LPL how

Now, club of EStar electron athletics announces league matches of heroic alliance profession (bid of contest of abbreviation LPL) fixed chair is successful, hear EStar marchs now LPL, this is how to return a responsibility after all, is this message true? Everybody looks together!

EStar marchs LPL is how to return a responsibility

On December 12 midday, domestic famous electron unexpectedly ability club EStar announces with before player of heroic alliance profession, gas showing a person advocate sow PDD joint-stock established branch of EStar hero alliance, will be in LPL spring contest appeared formally 2020! In announce of EStar club official while, PDD also sends small Bo Xinxi to state he marchs the dream of LPL comes true eventually.

PDD small Bo Zhengwen:

Regard contest of a report as practitioner, can having a LPL club that belongs to oneself is the dream that I come to 上海千花网论坛for years. Hold water from YM of 15 year end, this flash went 4 years namely, although YM became home's famous green example club now, but my heart stays all the time however have a regret. For this contest mark, I plan a long time, final choice and group of investment of Wuhan travel development are noted jointly endowment club of EStar electron athletics, took the LPL quota of people this year, solid belong to not easy. In future, we can make greater efforts, the branch of alliance of recruit ESta[......]


Spend a steel data especially especially can be Cba of male basket of Beijing head steel " add life " how long

Spend a steel data especially especially can be life of add of Cba of male basket of Beijing head steel how long

Beijing of Xinhua News Agency group of Beijing head steel announced report on December 2 on December 23, ai Payou of activation foreign aids spends a war next the match, team Gu Siting of another foreign aids Hanmierdu cycle rests. This is this sports season convention group of contest head steel changes first f上海千花网论坛oreign aids. When those, head steel group with 8 get the better of 4 negative military successes, rank league matches the 6th.

Nowadays, the contest that sports season had ended 20 rounds, as league matches attention spends one of top team, group of Beijing head steel with 14 get the better of 6 negative military successes to rank league matches the 3rd.

In spending 8 competitions that give fight especially, his field all contributes 11.6 20.1 cent, backboard, although notch,ability does not calculate outstanding, but his close over ability is very outstanding, all covering a cap 5 times is rank league matches more the first. Head the success of steel group is led from 67% rise to 70% , the rank also rises to alliance the 3rd. Hold the post of planted agent foreign aids newly to spend the gentleman covering a cap that makes team especially.

Before this, head the planted agent foreign aid that steel group uses is Hanmierdu, he gives fight for team in all before have holidays by turns 12 matches, all contribute cent and 11 20.7 rebounds, in dozenth wheel p[......]