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Top magic art: Maintain blow to collect money ille上海2020龙凤gally continuo上海龙凤自荐区usly high-pressured posture

? Recently, print and distribute of top people court " a certain number of opinions that top people court works about strengthening finance to rule further " (the following abbreviation " opinion " ) . Carry out with respect to people court implement spirit of conference of countrywide banking job, strengthen finance to try the job, development of benign loop health offerred safeguard economy and finance 30 opinions.

With finance innovation name absorbs public deposit bilk illegally to be chased after lawfully duty

" opinion " requirement, trade to can be being reduced actually cost, realize general benefit finance, add up to the finance of compasses to trade legally mode gives lawfully protection. Superintend to innovating to cover finance of financial venture, avoid for the name with finance, the finance that undertakes the system covers interest violates compasses act, the legal impact that should make actually with its determines its effectiveness and right obligation. Deposit money to absorbing the public illegally with financial innovation name or collect money bilk, make crime, investigate criminal duty lawfully.

Make strictly according to code usurious

Reducing hypostatic economy cost, solve the question with hypostatic economy difficult financing to go up, " opinion " requirement, make strictly according to code usurious, judicatory of leasehold to exceeding folk interest rate protects the accrual of upper limit not to grant to protect, in order to reduce cost of[......]


Two t爱上海all: Clinical trial data makes remedy fal上海龙凤419论坛se likelihood is formed provide pain of false proof file

Beijing of procuratorial work daily clinical trial data will make electric remedy on August 14 effect of quality of medicines and chemical reagents of false immediate impact, medical treatment, industry of disturbed medical treatment superintends order, endanger people healthy with life safety. To this, procuratorate of top people court, top people came on stage jointly a few days ago " register application material to make false criminal case about dealing with medicines and chemical reagents, medi上海外菜会所cal apparatus and instruments applicable law the explanation of a certain number of problems " , punish lawfully medicines and chemical reagents, medical apparatus and instruments registers the data in the process to build false illegal criminality.

According to " explain " , medicaments is not the staff member that research of clinical trial orgnaization, contract organizes clinical research organization, medicaments, offer false medicaments intentionally to be not clinical research report, medicaments of clinical trial report and relevant data, ought to maintain it is what criminal law sets the 229th times " offer false proof document intentionally " . Meanwhile, " explanation " specific provision is not clinical research in medicaments or medicaments uses false experiment to use drug intentionally in clinical trial process; Hide the truth from those who sign up for as clinical as medicaments trial to use the serious and undesirable incident related medicines and chemical[......]


Shandong bui上海龙凤自荐区lds what with living card is main basis to follow policy of change childre上海龙凤后花园n enter a school

Xinhua net Jinan on September 17 message, reform a requirement to get used to census register system, shandong will build what with living card is main basis to follow policy of change children enter a school. Shando上海千花网论坛ng province puts forward to want aggrandizement to flow into ground government responsibility at the same time, obligation of the children that follow move education brings into town to expand program and finance safeguard scope.

Print and distribute pushed Shandong province government as a whole recently the executive opinion that reform of unifinication of urban and rural and compulsory education develops inside prefectural region, put forward among them, build what with living card is main basis to follow policy上海千花网论坛 of change children enter a school, the children that follow move is special centralized the city zone, can make particular way according to actual condition.

Shandong province asks to hold to with fair education school give priority to arrangement to follow change children enter a school, educational service should make public school sky ahead of schedule program of condition of more than degree, enter a school, enter a school, execute enter a school to apply for to register through informati爱上海龙凤419论坛on platform; Strengthen the children that follow move to teach administrative service at the same time, execute mixture grouping上海花千坊爱上海 into classes and centralized management, safeguard accepts educational right along with change children equality.



Resume of list of members of standing committee of municipal Party committee of 2022 the trend上海千花女生自荐iest states currently holds the post ofleading group of curre上海外菜会所nt state municipal Party committee

On December 27 afternoon, after 15 one second plenary meeting ends municipal Party committee, new the He Xiaojun of secretary of municipal Party committee of current state of the Communist Party of China that be elected,上海龙凤419论坛 he Anyan of vice secretary of municipal Party committee, Wang Wensen, ceng Xiaojia of me爱上海新419mbers of standing committee of municipal Party committee, Yao Dengfeng, Jiang Dayong, Lin Wenfeng, Peng Jianan, Chen Yueqing, Liu Xing, Liang Daobin meet with the reporter for a short while.

In the applause with enthusiastic spot, new members of standing committee of a municipal Party committee with full spirit, striding sturdy pace to appear before the reporter. He Xiaojun one by one introduced new members of standing committee of a municipal Party committee, members of standing committee people present his compliment to everybody respectively.

He Xiaojun's representing is new the accredit that leading group of a municipal Party committee thanks masses of cadre of whole town broad Party member heartily and support. He says, in two history of centenary struggling target hands in the crucial node that collect, the important hour that inspects current state one year in Xi Jinping's secretary-general, new leading group of a municipal Party committee had received baton formally, load case drive modernization of high quality development, compose the important task of current state new page. We will remember the great expectations with high long water of hill[......]


Procuratorial work mechanism is opposite r龙凤419贵族宝贝上海龙凤后花园espectively lawfully Qu Zhentao, Yuan Xiaolin, Zhang Jianyong, Tang Jun decides to arrest

Mechanism of Heilongjiang procuratorial work decides to arrest to Qu Zhentao lawfully

Qu Zhentao of secretary of former Party committee of Harbin business college (main hall爱上海 class) be suspected of taking bribes one case, by Heilongjiang province control commission is investigated terminative, move send procuratorial work mechanism to examine sue. Via Heilo千花网后花园ngjiang province people procuratorate is appointed administer, by chicken city people procuratorate is examined on the west sue. A few days ago, chicken on the west city people procuratorate is opposite with be suspected of bribery blame lawfully Qu Zhentao is made arrest a decision. This case is being dealt with further in.

Mechanism of Shanghai procuratorial work decides to arrest to Yuan Xiaolin lawfully

Yuan Xiaolin of secretary of former leading Party group of standing committee o上海贵族宝贝论坛f National People's Congress of area of Shanghai Feng Xian, director (bureau class) be suspected of taking bribes one case, investigate by Shanghai control commission terminative, move send procuratorial work mechanism to examine sue. A few days ago, shanghai people procuratorate the first branch department is opposite with be suspected of bribery blame lawfully Yuan Xiaolin is made arrest a decision. This case is being dealt with further in. 上海千花网论坛

Procuratorate of Hunan Province people decides to arrest to Zhang Jianyong lawfully

Hunan Province individual plant continent former division of division of peak of a unit of dry measure f[......]


Does Libyan Ka Zafei meet multilateral air attack?

[Summary] in Kazafei be about to recover opposition base camp when Banjiaxi, the country such as law flower beauty began a military affairs to interfere the action. How long does Ka Zafei face blow to you can hold to? If air attack cannot Ko Kazafei, can the west dispatch is ground armed forces entered Libyan? Why did country of a few Arabia also participate in this to be aimed at Libyan operation?
Expert of our newspaper specially invite:
Courtyard of Chinese company division on the west inferior Wang Jinglie of African institute researcher
Zhao Zongjiu of deputy secretary-general of seminar of Shanghai international strategy
Compere: Liu Hu of our newspaper reporter

Core clew:

In Kazafei be about to recover opposition base camp when Banjiaxi, the country such as law flower beauty began a military affairs to interfere the action. How long does Ka Zafei face blow to you can hold to? If air attack cannot Ko Kazafei, can the west dispatch is ground armed forces entered Libyan? Why did country of a few Arabia also participate in this to be aimed at Libyan operation?

[1 of topic for discussion]
Can the west dispatch ground armed forces?

Beautiful way says won't

Wang Jinglie: The United States of war of deep-set Yi A already not dare small talk assault. France also has made known his position to won't send ground troop. Current, the people of Arabia country is right the west a few countries are very malcontent, weighing its is " the country is terroristic " . After air raid is Liby[......]


Italy dispatchs again the rubbish of legionary and cleared Naples

International is online message (be stationed in Italian reporter Wang Xin) : The rubbish crisis of Naples of Italian south city recently again stage a come back, kiloton rubbish accumulation in the street on on nobody clear. Italian government must dispatch 9 numbers army goes solving this problem, this also is since 2008, italian army is kept clear of the 2nd times by deploy to Naples rubbish.

This the rubbish crisis of Naples had lasted of a few months long, at present about 2000 tons of rubbish dump are put in the street on the road nobody clear. And because weather turns gradually now,warm, these rubbish send out a mawkish flavour more make local上海千花网论坛 dweller intolerable, local government has begun to spray disinfectant happens with preventing epidemic disease. And the Naples dweller that be driven beyond forbearance ever ignited angrily for many times burn rubbish, cause fire for many times accordingly, just went only produced calamity of 28 on fire this Sunday. Still some of person has big sign in the vertical stroke on rubbish dump, writing above " we had produced deep love with these rubbish, do not move them please " , be in with acid government the nonfeasance before rubbish crisis. Below this kind of circumstance, army of affirmatory last week clique enters Italian premier Beilusikeni Naples city goes clearing rubbish. Be in 9, arms and 70 lorries arrive at Naples and about 170 Mingshi begin a help to participate in rubbish to keep clear of. But they can be only clea[......]


Philippine convict of one Taiwan book evaporates several years not to know whereaboutldirection in the jail

According to Philippine " business signs up for " report, philippine happening official of the government before a serve a sentence is medium can come in and go out freely unexpectedly the scandal of the jail, make book of a Taiwan poisonous peddle accidentally evaporate between repeat jail go-between上海千花网论坛 age a court case of long standing, the mesa on new float.

Media report says, on August 10, 1989, water of flourish of Taiwan上海千花网论坛 man Cai (sound) because of be being executed the law personnel hunts down a body to conceive 58 kilograms amphetamine, and with additional 3 Taiwanese are arrested together.

Cai flourish water escapes at prison of Cong Fei's upstate on March 12, 1990 a province, after the life imprisonment that be sentenced, in Su Bi a dining-room inside the bay was investigated by the country 2003 bureau personnel capture is answered, the new Billie of Yu Ba of coop article ferry is close national prison, however, he is in again the world evaporated 2005, heretofore does not know whereaboutldirection.

This case that is forgotten is new after the mesa on float, judiciary gives orders to trace the track of Cai flourish water instantly. Media suspects Dan Fei country, cai flourish water is likely already patience section, buy freely.

Draw pulls judiciary undersecretary install 26 days to express, cai flourish water compares benefit close jail newly to need the investigation of judiciary at escaping 2004. He says: "I think we should launch investigation, because I think,[......]


Japanese each district holds assembly parade to appeal abolish nuclear power plant (graph)

Login register each district of Japan of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to hold assembly parade to appeal abolish nuclear power plant (graph) origin: ? ?2011-06-13 00:2 of Qu Xi of inclined  of O Kang border8 Http://

Hanging before bosom of a child " the child's future does not want a nucleus " catchphrase card follows adult to join parade. Photograph 11 days afternoon at Tokyo acerbity cereal.

Integrated Japan media reports, it is Japan earth shake is full 11 days of 3 months, japanese each district was held with " 6 11 goes nuclear po上海千花网论坛wer plant actions of 1 million National People's Congress " the assembly that is catchword is processional. Tokyo also conducted all sorts of activities, young people appeals abolish nuclear power plant, held royal parade.

The citizen protest procession that nearly 2000 people join Tokyo上海千花网论坛 held remonstrant activity before headquarters of Tokyo power company, remonstrant nucleus leak gives birth to the gigantic catastrophe that brings alive to the people, ask this company suspends the operation of all nuclear power plant. Protest the team still is below constabulary guiding, be on the silver with the most flourishing Tokyo undertook parade.

On the meeting that in acerbity Gu Daidai wooden park holds, happen in the earthquake afternoon 2:46, people attending the meeting undertook stand in silent tribute for the victim together. The family that bringing a child to attend subsequently and y[......]


Duniecike says to discover 286 woman bodies ever were raped near city of black Red Army

Occupy上海千花网论坛 Russian intermediary 31 days to report, alexander of people republic premier plunges into the Duniecike that announces to hold water by oneself Haerqinke expresses, during black overcomes branch of Lan Jiang force to take extraordinary action, city of Red Army of city of gram of Du Nie Ci is missing nearly 400 ages are in 18-25 year old woman, find 286 bodies recently.

He expresses: Nearly 400 ages are in Red Army city 18-25 year old the woman is missing, nie Bai - 1 battalion is over there be stationed. 286 woman bodies discover around Red Army city, they ever were raped.

Red Army city is city of adm上海千花网论坛inister of administrative division of state of gram of Du Nie Ci, be apart from a north of Nie Ci Kexi about 45 kilometers.