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River of Wang Hong of minister of ministry of battle of former members of stand上海千花网论坛楼风ing committee of Tianjin municipal Party commi上海贵族宝贝论坛ttee, all violates discipline to be dismissed by administration

A few days ago, via approval of Central Committee of Communist Party of China,

Via checking, the senior leader of comrade of Wang Hong river as the party cadre, discipline consciousness is thin, disobey constituent discipline, work discipline and clean-fingered discipline badly, make conversation上海各区gm资源汇总推荐al casing be inferior to when ask in the organization solid show an issue to the organization, violate compasses is decision-making use finance capital, give other gift. According to " byelaw of Chinese Communist disciplinary treatment " wait for concerned regulation, via central discipline appoint standing committee conference studies and sign up for approval of Central Committee of Communist Party of China, the decision gives comrade of Wang Hong river to leave a party to look carefully at one year, administration dismisses punish, fall to be not leadership post for main hall class.

Wang Hong rive上海419shlfr

Resume of Wang Hong river

Wang Hong river, male, the Han nationality, unripe in September 1965, tianjin city person, joined a Chinese Communist in December 1984, had a上海后花园 job in July 1983, institute of environment of natural resources of water of river sea university is hydrological major of the resource that reach water graduates, record of formal schooling of on-the-job graduate student, labour learns a doctor, senior engineer.

Held the post of Tianjin city to bring hole of Luan project Sui to manage place cadre, deputy section chief, section chief early or lat[......]


"Chinese flowering crabappl夜上海论坛上海验证徐汇白妃e " still have littoral in Fujian Zhejiang to maritime influence in to sea

In report will occupy new network on July 31 message of small gain of government of stage of national ocean forecast, this year the 10th tropical storm " Chinese flowering crabapple " already today (31 days) before dawn 2 when 50 minutes of around are in quiet town of our country Fujian Province blessing to be landed littoral. Ocean wave what is actually happening shows, suffer " Chinese floweri上海千花网论坛ng crabapple " influence, the 3 sea to 5.5 meters already appeared to billow area south taiwan strait, the East China Sea. South of Fujian north, Zheji千花网论坛约会归来ang is coastal maritime space already appeared the 3 sea to 4 meters arrive billow.

Although " Chinese flowering crabapple " the center has been landed, dan Jiyun is fastened advocate be in typhonic center centrally east side and to, will still last to maritime influence上海千花网论坛, national ocean forecasts a stage to issue warning of ocean wave blue today.

P夜上海论坛网redict to arrive on July 31 midday nightly, maritime space, taiwan strait will appear near south of the East China Sea, Diaoyu Island the 3.5 sea to 5.5 meters arrive billow area, the 2.5 sea to 4 meters will appear to billow area bus channel, Nanhai; South of Fujian north, Zhejiang is coastal maritime space will appear 2 to 3.4 meters in billow arrives sea, south of Zhejiang north, Fujian is coastal maritime space will appear 1.5 those who go to 2.5 meters is medium billow arrives sea, level of afore-mentioned early-warning of ocean wave of coastal maritime space are blue.



Convoy of funct上海花上海花千坊爱上海千坊419ion of Zhejiang court play " be not general economy " equality is treated protect lawfully

In new network Hangzhou on August 11 report (Meng Huanliang of Tang Xuebing of Wang Gang of reporter of learn on job's reporter applies Le Yuan) the fundamental condition that strong judicatory safeguard is economic progress, save Zhejiang greatly in civilian battalion economy, to do poineering work to economy of blame state ownership innovation develops the market environment that provides fair competition, a few days ago, zhejiang saves senior people court to publish an opinion, ask sufficient play tries function, treat through equality, lawfully the means such as protection, safeguard and health of economy of stimulative blame state ownership develop.

Limited company of iron and steel of Zhejiang friendship special type is carry on promotes dimensions of Zhu Jiben ground civilian battalion enterprise, this company erupted 2013 debt crisis, mutual debt 1.36 billion yuan of RMB, involve a worker more than 170, creditor's rights number amounts to 141.

After this, function branch cooperates in coordination related Zhu Jifa courtyard and government, a many short the month defines reforming investor namely, the reforming that finish plans draft. Draft of reforming of not long ago votes through, this case also becomes Zhejiang cases of first reforming of steely business failure.

Be in Zhejia夜上海论坛ng, medium and small businesses has civilian camp sheer scale, the key that is economic progress is propped up, advantage p上海后花园论坛lace and energy source. Reforming and opening 30 old[......]


First instance of case of correlation of case o夜上海论坛网f上海龙凤阁 Xu jade jade adjudges Du Tianyu of the accused person to obtain punishment 6 years to punish 60 thousand

Xu Yuyu by telegraphic bilk the associated case of terminal case: Du Tianyu encroachs case of citizen individual information this morning 9:00 Linyi city is saved to first instance of court of people of Luo Zhuang division makes public sessional cognizance and be adjudged on the court in Shandong, du Tianyu is gotten illegally by accusation accusation of citizen individual information holds water, the set term of imprisonmen上海贵族宝贝龙凤t that b上海千花网论坛e sentenced 6 years, pu上海千花网论坛nish gold 60 thousand yuan.

Public prosecution mechanism accuses, at the beginning of April 2016, du Tianyu of the accused person carries the kind such as embedded trojan, invade Shandong illegally to save website of platform of information of entrance exam of common 2016 colleges and universities, shandong saved filch 2016 in魔都新茶论坛formation of individual of examinee of the university entrance exam more than 640 thousand, sell external seek profit. Among them, du Tianyu passes Tecent QQ, pay treasure to wait for a tool, to Chen Wenhui (other case is handled) sell afore-mentioned information more than 100 thousand, gain p上海龙凤419论坛rofit more than yuan 14100. The person such as Chen Wenhui uses an afore-mentioned bought information to carry out telegraphic bilk, dial 聚凤阁全国bilk telephone more than times 10 thousand, diddle other debt more than yuan 20, cause Shandong to save Xu Yuyu of examinee of the university entrance exam of division of Linyi town collect上海千花网后花园 bank to die. Public prosecution mechanism thinks, du[......]


13 branches edit上海上海千花网论坛后花园论坛 release " network safety examines way "

Recently, market of bank of people of ministry of security of office of national Internet inf上海外菜会所ormation, nation development and reform committee, industry and informatization ministry, the Ministry of Public Security, state, Ministry of finance, Department of Commerce, China, nation controls government negotiable securities of total bureau of broadcasting televis上海花千坊419ion of total bureau, state, China controls government committee, , apply since Feburary 15, 2022.

Office of national Internet information expresses about chief, network safety examines the important legislation system that is network safety domain, former " method " since applying on June 1, 2020 oneself, infrastructure of crucial to safeguard information supplies catenary safety, safeguarded national security to produce main effect. To fulfil " data safety law " wait for legal laws and regulations to ask, 上海品茶论坛the branch edited relate上海千花网论坛d combination of office of national Internet information " method " .

" method " network platform operation person begin data processing to the activity is affected or may affect the case such as national security to bring into network safety to examine, the person that master the network platform operation of information of individual of more than 1 mil爱上海贵族宝贝论坛lion user clearly goes to abroad to appear on the market must examine the office to declare network safety to examine to network safety. The basis exa上海千花网论坛mines real need, increase card inspect to be able to examine un[......]


Review close Ping Zhixin congratulates annual meeting of fede北京爱约派论坛ration of inqu上海花千坊1314isitor of the 22nd international and member congress to hold

Review close Ping Zhixin上海4197龙凤 con上海龙凤1314gratulates annual meeting of federation of inquisitor of the 22nd international and member congress to hold

Beijing of Xinhua News Agency annual meeting of federation of inquisitor of the 22nd international and member congress will be in report 11 days morning on September 11 Beijing kicks off. National chairman Xi Jinping sends congratulatory letter, hold to the conference express congratulation.

Xi Jinping points out, inquisitor serves as the delegate of public interest, bear is worn main responsibility. The procuratorial work that annual meeting of federation of current international inquisitor thinks commonweal serves gives priority to a problem, around the law society that builds restful, just, harmony, discuss inquisitor to protect commonweal problem deep, to driving each country to rule by law construction has important sense.

Xi Jinping emphasizes, the government takes China seriously to depend on law state in the rou上海千花网论坛nd highly, advance science to execute the law legislatively, strictly continuously, comprehensive and just judicatory, abide by t上海大龙凤he law, insist to depend on law state, be in office lawfully, lawfully administration is advanced jointly, hold to an organic whole of society of government of law state, law, law to build, build nation of law of socialism of system of law of Chinese characteristic socialism, construction hard. The law that mechanism of Chinese procuratorial work is a country supervises office,[......]


"Only network " cen苏州4197龙凤论坛ter t夜上海论坛he action to announce the 2nd batch of 8 models cases

In new network report will be swept according to the whole nation on December 23 fizzle out dozen of blame message of small letter of government of working party office, departmental door development begins the each district since this year June only network acts centrally, the history on net of move heavy punish the harmful information such as low common of blame of Huangshe of nihilistic, experience, experience, deepness clears have be contrary to the network content of socialistic core viewpoint of value, investigated and deal with sb a batch of typical cases, the ethos on the net improves apparently, network space is purified apparently.

On December 23, the whole nation is 魔都新茶论坛swept yellow on the foundation that lays blame office to will announce the first batch of typical cases in September, the only network that investigates and deal with sb from each district chooses typical夜上海论坛网 case 8 cases in the case, announce compendious details of a case, exposure violates act, vigilant and broad netizen, the appeal safeguards environment of network of cool and bright jointly. 8 cases case is as follows:

Zhejiang always the person such as some transmits Kang Qin bawdy article seeks profit case

Via checking, the guilty gang research and development that with Qin Mou some heads the interest that embodies a large number of bawdy video enjoys a net dish App, rely on on maize website, high flow website to be popularized with the mode such as development representative through ha[......]


Flower invention world prints the bicycle that come out first times through computer (graph)

Login register news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian does world of text flower invention print the bicycle that come out first times through computer (graph) origin: ? ?2011-03-22 13:4 of Qu Xi of inclined  of O Kang border6 Http://

"Air bicycle " bicycle of more aluminous than common steel structure is light 65% but euqally solid however

In report will occupy new network on March 21 British media coverage, scientist invention of England gave the first to print the bicycle that come out through computer: Air bicycle (Airbike) .

Recently, the European aviation m上海千花网论坛atters pertaining to defense that is located in British humble Er to pause and spaceflight group (European Aeronautic Defence And Space Group) revealed a new-style bicycle, although there is too much special place on the appearance, but the scientist introduction that occupies this group, this bicycle is to use a kind of additive layer to make a technology (Additive Layer Manufacturing) is printed come out.

The cascade of nylon material layer that scientists undertake the design will melt by printer subsequently on preexistence computer is added

As we have learned, "Air bicycle " use nylon is made for material, the car of as aluminous as steel structure is euqally solid, but weight was reduced however 65% . Scientists undertake designing on preexistence computer, the cascade of nylon material layer that will melt by printer subsequently is added, make a bicycle.

According to intr[......]


The United States and Philippine hold wholesale field operations to train exercise

Manila of China News Service on April 15 electric by a definite date United States of 10 days and Philippine two countries " shoulder to shoulder 2011 " bilateral combination a sham battle proclaims 15 days wind up. The United States is stationed in phenanthrene embassy to disclosed that day, beautiful humble army was held during maneuver up to now the field operations with the most wholesale both sides trains exercise.

This second " shoulder to shoulder " army acting is the United States and Philippine the 27th when hold bilateral joint military exercise, include to be stationed in Han Meijun to make an appointment with 500 people inside 3000 U.S. Army soldiers attend. Army barback holds the Akuinaerduo that performs concluding ceremony 15 days to be in loose city of Kui of big Manila area.

The press release that American embassy issued that day, with large space propagandist U.S. Army begins in phenanthrene country " humanitarian aid " project, disclose, army of beautiful humble two countries held both sides in Maigesaisaibao up to now the most wholesale field operations trains exercise, training course includes simple and easy exploder to be on guard, drilling of volatile armament processing, ball cartridge, contingency is scattered reach the wounded to nurse wait for course, personnel of bilateral give advice still is in Luzon of phenanthrene army north to combine headquarters to hold manoeuvre.

The United States is stationed in deputy curator of phenanthrene diplomat[......]


American media investigation says Aobama is born in the United States really Hawaiian

According to " central company " 27 days of reports, american president Aobama is in the controversy that erupted to whether be born in the United States in presidential choosing battle 2008, most analyst expresses, aobama is born in the United States really, network of cable television news (CNN) undertakes investigating recently, affirm Aobama was born in on August 4, 1961 again Hawaiian.

American constitution sets, american citizen is when be born only person just can hold the position of a president. This paragraph of ambiguous words and expressions is oppugned what the sceptic of birthplace of abstruse Ba Ma uses negative Aobama presidential qualification, because of them firm say Aobama is born in the United States with nonlocal area.

Abstruse him Ba Ma expresses to pay no attention to sceptic to raise doubt, nevertheless this problem often still is objected his person takes your work implied meaning.

CNN and firm of popular wishes research (the civilian shift that collaboration has Opinion ResearchCorporation) recently shows, near 75% American believe Aobama is absolutely or the likelihood is born in the United States. Be in nevertheless of republic party membership in sufferring the person that visit, every 10 people have more than 4 people to think, likely or abstruse Ba Ma is absolutely not be to be in the United States to be born.

In all sorts of views of sceptic, one say is the motherland Kenya that Aobama is born in father. The likelihood goes into action on beha[......]