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Censorial system reforms focusing of website o上海龙凤后花园f China Disciplinary Commission: Make the vi上海龙凤419论坛ew of the party makes national will

Socialistic law must hold to the leader of the party, the leader of the party must rely on socialistic law. Defeat anti-corruption the fight is brought to development, make the view of the party makes national will, need deepens censorial system reform, administration censorial law builds instead nation censorial law, make be deepened in the round together from Yan Zhi party in the round reform, comprehensive lawfully manage state affairs is organic and unified, harmonious advance.

Treat the view that the country is a party lawfully in the round, the leader of the party is the assurance with socialistic the basiccest law. The party is the leader that socialistic law builds, organizer, person that carry out, according to law the country should be good at making the view of the party becomes state law through legal process already, should pass again comprehensive from Yan Zhi party, according to compasses control a faction, ensure consciousness of cadre of all party organization, leader abides by the discipline of the pa上海千花网论坛Powered By 上海龙凤419贵族宝贝rty, the model abides by legal laws and regulations of the country. The leader of the party and socialistic law are consistent. Want to prevent to fall into legal trap, democratic trap, can oppose both anything but rise, tell law not to mention the leader of the party with respect to stop talking. The leader that holds to a party must banner bright, position is firm, can fumble anything but, not speak in detail. Our country has his[......]


Xi'an will remove爱上海贵族宝贝论坛 roadside to jockey 15 minutes in September i上海419shlfnside free, hospital inside 30 minutes free

Xinhua net Xi'an on July 30 message, t上海龙凤自荐区he reporter learns 30 days from Xi'an municipal government, since September 1, jockey in Xi'an town road the car inside 15 minutes av上海千花网论坛oids time of park of parking lot of berth, management sex close jockey service fee. The management上海千花网论坛 sex parking lot such as hospital, railway station, park time is avoided in the car inside 30 minutes close jockey service fee.

Released recently in Xi'an city " Xi'an city motor vehicle jockeys the service collects fees administrative measure " in, mention jockey service operator or controller should be carried out strictly jockey the favourable policy that collect fees. Besides berth of average car roadside inside 15上海贵族宝贝龙凤论坛 minutes parking lot of free, management sex outside the free policy inside 30 minutes, afforest of the military vehicle with official to carrying out Xi'an, patron wagon, fire engine, wholesome relieve a sick or injured person, rush to deal with an emergency providing disaster relief, gardens, municipal facilities is safeguarded, lash-up rush to deal with an emergency and gush have those who unite a mark to execute the law be on duty 上海千花网论坛car avoid close jockey service fee; Jockey to car of new energy resources service fee gives according to the relevant and favourable policy that purchases car of new energy resources derate.

The communal parking lot that invests construction in the government in the light of the motor vehicle that the disabled drives (berth) jockey, avoid cl[......]


Install inspect total 上海龙凤1314419bureau: 2017 the whole nation turns defence 上海后花园works incident 113 cases first half of the year 135 people die

In new network report will bring news of website of inspect total bureau according to the country on August 1, install general office of inspect total bureau to be released now " about this year first half of the year the bulletin of situation of chemical safe production " . " bulletin " point out, this year first half of the year, the whole nation produces chemical accident 113 cases in all, death 135 people, chemical accident gross, bigger accident, grave accident rises entirely, situation of chemical safe production is grim.

Data chart: Drilling of petro-chemical fire actual combat. Wu Conghao is photographed

" bulletin " introduce, this year first half of the year, the whole nat爱上海龙凤419论坛ion produces chemical accident 113 cases in all, death 135 people, increase 8 cases compared to the same period, 27 people, rise respectively 7.6% , 25.0% . Among them, produce bigger accident 8 cases, 28 people of dead, increase 3 cases compared to the same period, 12 people, rise respectively 60% , 75% ; Produce grave accident 1 case, 10 people, increase 1 case compared to the same period, 10 people. Chemical accident gross, bigger accident, grave accident rises entirely first half of the year, situation of chemical safe production is grim.

From the ground that produces chemical accident divisional cloth looks, what the platoon counts to 5 are in before the whole nation since the accident is Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Zhejiang, Hubei (Zhejiang and Hubei list the 5th)[......]


How appoint do superinte爱上海龙凤419论坛nd and director to guide上海花千坊爱上海 safe production checks: Put a platoon to check processing to be less than a problem

In report will occupy new network on August 25 bring news of website of inspect total bureau, will come 18 days on August 7, the State Council is installed appoint do superintend and director to guide group be in early or late superintend and director of and other places of Beijing, Tianjin, Heilongjiang, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian, Xinjiang guides safe production is checked greatly, check inform against the phase before clew is mixed to discover hidden trouble problem rectifies and reform a circumstance, many 120 company that checked trade of colliery, labour, dangerous chemical to wait for key industry domain on the spot and unit. Superintend and director guides group of discovery, although already gained active headway, but each district safe production checks different level existence to launch inadequate, plan greatly abhorrent, platoon checks processing not to reach the designated position wait for a problem.

Branch of Beijing part function checks the job to decorate greatly to safe production not not seasonable, comprehensive. Establishment of concentrated place fire control supervises building of partial high level and staff existence is serious flaw, treasure of force of boreal capital couplet shopping centers victory of He Shunyi area is street home of happy strong and pervasive fragrance the gush of room of fire control water pump of building of dweller of the 2nd community drenchs pump controls switch to be in a hand to use position, and room door lo上海千花网论坛ck shuts the[......]


20上海龙凤419论坛P上海龙凤419论坛owered By 夜上海论坛13

Security of society of 2013-2016 year whole nation administers outstanding city integratedly (the ground, city, alliance)

Build advanced county in safety with the whole nation (city, area, banner) plan to commend object achievement is fair show advertisement

Devote into security of society actively to administer the job integratedly for masses of farther incentive and broad cadre, innovation society is administered, advance restful China construction in the round, ensure people lives and work in peace and contentment,魔都新茶论坛 the societ上海贵族宝贝论坛y is stable long period of order and stability of orderly, country, the 19 big victories that are a party hold th闵行蝴蝶验证归来e social environment that creates harmonious stability, via central approval, central put together is treated appoint 2017 the organization is chosen commend security of society of 2013-2016 year whole nation administers outstanding city integratedly (the ground, city, alliance) build advanced county in safety with the whole nation (city, area, banner) . In April, sponsor 上海千花网论坛an unit to establish countrywide security of society integrated processing is advanced choose commend the job heads a group (whole nation of the following abbreviation is chosen commend the job heads a group) reach the office, start selection activity formally. In August, each province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government and large unit of Xinjiang production construction according to choose commend announcement requirement[......]


N上海贵人千花网ow 北京龙凤419论坛domestic news

Shen Haiqing holds the post of Liaoning to save director of public security bureau of deputy mayor of Pan Jin city, city

Beijing of network of Chinese Communist news on August 4 report (reporter Yao Qian) omit information of website of Pan Jin National People's Congress according to Liaoning, on August 1, the 29th times the conference passes standing committee of the 7th people's congress of Pan Jin city, decide to appoint: Shen Haiqing. . .

2017-08-04 09:15 origin: ? Heir Lian?
Qingdao rises 5 days with region of the East China Sea to the harbor that connect the cloud successive 3 days prohibit sailing

Army ground releases jointly " ban boat announce temporarily " : Admiralty group will come organize even cloud harbor major war activity with region of the East China Sea in Qingdao. Install to ensure complete, ask each shipping special attention: On August 5, 2017 0600 to on August 8 1800, must not enter on. . .

2017-08-04 09:11 origin: ? Huge rock of lament box contraction?
These 5 years, review horse and foot of close smooth command did these major issues

Zhuri and big parade, Baltic in first abroad safeguard base of the joint military exercise, our country enables Russia formally these days, the Chinese army that brushs screen thick and fast is shown go out army power morale and fighting capacity, hearten making a person! This. . .

2017-08-04 08:57 origin: ?  of heir Pan felt dash forward Ф ?
Latest news of earthquake of Maitreya of city of Yunnan red river: T[......]


Wei Minzhou o上海千花网坊f former vic上海大龙凤e director of standing committee of Shaanxi National People's Congress experience bribery blame is investigated by put on record

A few day上海贵族宝贝论坛s ago, top上海千花网论坛 people procuratorate decides via examining, save Wei Minzhou of vice secretary of former leading Party group of standing committee of National People's Congress, vice director to put on record is inv上海龙凤1314estigated and adopt co上海龙凤网坛ercive measures with be suspected of bribery blame to Shaanxi lawfully. Case investigation job is undertakin上海千花网论坛g in.

Original title: To上海后花园论坛上海龙凤后花园p people procuratorate decides to Wei Minzhou put on record investigates responsibility to edit lawfully: Zheng Lili[......]


National sta上海千花网论坛tistic bureau: Dweller co夜上海最新论坛nsumption price will rise compared to the same period July 1.4%


In July 2017 portion, price of countrywide dweller consumption rises compared to the same period 1.4% . Among them, the city rises 1.5% , the country rises 1.0% ; Food price fall 1.1% , blame food rises in price 2.0% ; Consumable rises in price 0.5% , the service rises in price 2.9% . 1-7 is mean monthly, total level of price of countrywide dweller 爱上海千花网论坛consumption is compared the corresponding period rose last year 1.4% .

July, annulus of pri上海千花网论坛ce of countrywide dweller consumption is compared ris上海后花园Powered By 阿拉后花园e 0.1% . Among them, the city rises 0.1% , the country keeps balance; Food price fall 0.1% , blame food rises in price 0.2上海贵族宝贝龙凤论坛% ; Consumable price fall 0.2%南京千花网论坛 , the service rises in 上海千花网论坛price 0.6% .



County of car of library of Xinjiang A Ke Su produces deepness of focus of 3.8 cla上海花千坊1314ss earthquake 1上海后花园4191 kilometre

Network of station of earthquake of 上海龙凤网坛China of # of # e新上海后花园arthquake dispatch determines formally: On August 20 05 when 阿拉后花园county of car of library of Su De a上海花千坊419rea is overcome 14 minut上海千花网论坛es in Xinjiang A (north latitude 41.31 上海千花网论坛degrees, the east longitude 83.82 degr上海419验证归来ees) produce 3.8 class earthquake, focus deepness 11 kilometre.

Responsibility edits: Huang Jingwei[......]


Ouyang Zhihong o上海贵族宝贝sh1314f former director of Guangdong geological bureau takes bribes case first i上海大龙凤nstance is sentenced set term of imprisonment 12 years

Ouyang Zhihong takes bribes case first instance is adjudged

Yesterday morning, court of Dongguan city intermediate people adjudges Guangdong publicly to save Ouyang Zhiho上海千花网论坛ng of geological bureau former director to take bribes one case, with taking bribes to grand of positive sign of Europe of the accused person the blame sentences 爱上海龙凤419论坛a set term of imprisonment 12 years, punish golden RMB 2 million上海千花网论坛 yuan.

Find out via cognizance, came 2008 between 20千花网坊约会归来14, ouyang Zhihong uses his to hold the position of the advantage of the officially such as secretary of director of province geology bureau, Party committee, bring into play in cadre post preferment, job, the project is b上海龙凤后花园egun etc the help is provided on item, receive other property, amount to RMB adds up to 5.95 million multivariate.

The court thinks, ouyang Zhihong as national staff member, exploit the advantage of officially, for other seek interest, receive other property illegally, amount is particularly huge, its behavior makes bribery crime. Bribery crime of the accused person involves personnel much, range is wide, the influence is abominable, answer lawfully from heavy punishment. Already returned total illicit money basically clear in view of the accused person, but take into consideration the circ上海贵族宝贝论上海龙凤419论坛坛umstances is punished lightly, the court makes afore-mentioned court decisions then. (Dragon of entire media reporter becomes willow reporter An Yanling)

Original title: Ouyang Zhihong tak[......]