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20 years of achievement exhibit recursive motherland of Xi Jinping visiti上海龙凤自荐区ng Hong夜上海最新论坛 Kong: Continue to drive one nation

Original tit龙凤419贵族宝贝le: Xi Jinping returns to the motherland 20 years in visiting Hong Kong when achievement is exhibited, emphasize holding a country to develop good luck to advance one nation to carry out

CCTV network news (news broadcast) : When Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong of People's Republic of China holds water 20 years, xi Jinping of chairman of chairman of secretary-general of Central Committee of Communist Party of China, state, central the Central Military Commission heads for national museum 26 days, 20 years of achievement exhibit recursive motherland of visiting Hong Kong. He emphasizes, hong Kong returns to the motherland 20 years to come, centrally government and motherland inland support energetically below, hong Kong Special Administrative Region realizes each career to develop in the round, gain the success with world accepted place, reveal the vitality with a powerful one nation. Practice of 20 years proves, one nation is the optimal program of the Hong Kong problem that solves historical bequeath not only, also be the optimal system arrangement that long-term prosperity stability maintains after Hong Kong is returned to.

Xi Jinping points out, we should continue adamantine comprehensive and accurate implement one nation policy, constitution of strict according to and basic law of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region handle affairs, better promote development of each Hong Kong facilities. The hope is broad Hong Kong brethren and the peo[......]


Strong rainfall causes Hunan Province 2.621 million person is stricken be hit by 魔新上海龙凤品茶都新茶论坛a natural adversity because calamity dies 6 people

Dispatch of Changsha evening paper (the reporter corrects book of Zhu Lin of Chun Linyang Wei Ran's reporter) the reporter learns from hall of province civil administration yesterday, that day morning 9 when, the country decreases calamity appoint, civil administration ministry is aimed at and other places of Hunan Yue Yang, West Hunan, Changsha, Chang De big damage caused by waterlogging kills serious rainstorm, lash-up of class of Ⅳ of the urgent country that start providing disaster relief is answered. The working group that by the country ministry of the center that decrease calamity, civil administration expedites is driven that day afternoon go to city of Changsha clear this world to surround Shan Zhenliu greatly spot of river source village examines the situation of a disaster, help and directive place begin work providing disaster relief.

Decrease calamity according to the province appoint hall of civil administration of the office, province up to on June 26 afternoon 4 when statistic, this precipitation creates上海龙凤后花园 14 city administrative division 2.621 million person is stricken be hit by a natural adversity, because calamity dies 6 people, be missing 1 person, move finds a place for 114 thousand person, need urgent life deliverance 72 thousand person, collapse building 1034 3136, serious damage room 1755 4825, general decrease room 15647 39031, crop is stricken be hit by a natural adversity area 209.2 1000 hectare, control an area absolutely 24.9 1000 hectare,[......]


King u上海千花网2020nconscious badge allows to build ministry mini千花网后花园ster king to cover photograph of badge resume data

[standing committee of countrywide National People's Congress decides to appoint environmental protection ministry the minister mix the minister th上海外菜会所at build a department] standing committee of National People's Congress of 12 whole nations th上海千花网论坛e 28th conference 27 days afternoon via voting, the decision appoints Li Ganjie to be minister of environmental protection ministry, the decision appoints Wang Meng badge to be housing and minister of ministry of urban and rural construction. Reporter Chen Fei, Luo Sha


Wang Meng badge, male, the Han nationality, unripe in January 1960, person of Jiangsu salt city, joined a Chinese Communist in November 1981, had a job in July 1983, tsinghua university town planning and record of formal schooling of design major graduate student, labour learns a doctor's degree, associate professor.

Came in March 1978 July 1983, tsinghua university builds the department is architectural professional study;

Came in July 1983 August 1995, tsinghua university building fastens assistant group leader of student working group, group leader, tsinghua university builds vice secretary of prexy assistant, Party committee, guangdong saves a Yu city deputy mayor (came to hanged duty in August 1995 in March 1993) ;

Came in August 1995 in Feburary 1998, guangdong province adds urban deputy mayor;

Came in Feburary 1998 in September 1998, city of Guangdong province Guangzhou builds committee bourg construction to grow everywhere;

Came in September 1998 in[......]


Guangdong tall courtyard: Guangdong admi阿拉后花园nistration lawsuit appears accessary examine " red head file 上海419验证归来" wait for new-style case

Electric Guangdong will save Guangzhou of Xinhua News Agency on July 9 senior people court releases 2016 year Guangdong 9 days to save administrative lawsuit white paper external. White paper shows, 2016, guangdong court executive authority loses a lawsuit rate for 12.2% , drop compared to the same period 5.77% . Controller of various executive authority appears in court should appeal to grow nearly 5 to become.

2016, guangdong saves 21 ground level to start administrative case in order to appear on the market to reform pilot job administer centrally in the round, answer lawfully by court of basic level people administer 95% above realized case of first instance administration different ground is mixed administer cross division into districts to try.

White paper shows, administration is opposite person lawfully dimension authority consciousness increases, court of complete 2016 province closes newly one, case of 2 careful administration 24 thousand, increase compared to上海后花园论坛 the same period 2.25% , receive amount of case of first instance administration newly to be occupied in the whole nation among them than 6.92% . Came in January 2017 in June, guangdong province court accepts administrative case newly 14223, grow 21% compared to the same period.

Guangdong administration contentious case presents new characteristic, tell to seek increase of lawsuit of sex of multivariate with each passing day, group formerly, appeared to affirm appeal to invalidly, accessary examine "[......]


Qin Daoxiong of上海419验证归来 former president of Hunan coal industry is suspected of the blame such as bribery corruption, misuse of authority by public上海千花验证归来 prosecution

Tall check net on July 12 message, on July 10, 2017, secretary of former Party committee of limited company of group of trade of Hunan Province coal, president, qin Daoxiong of former president of 上海千花网论坛Inc. of times of Hunan black gold is sus上海花千坊1314pected of blame of misuse of authority of staff of bribery blame, corruption blame, state-owned company, company one case, procuratorate of people of classics Hunan Province is appointed administer, to sue of court of intermediate people of in relief city of Xiangyue of procuratorate of people of You Yueyang city.

Procuratorial work mechanism is examining the litigant right that sued level to inform Qin Daoxiong of the accused person to enjoy lawfully, interrogatory the accused person, listened to its to entrust the opinion of paraclete. Indictment of procuratorate of people of 阿拉后花园Yue Yang city accuses: Qin Daoxiong of the accused person as national staf上海千花网论坛f member, exploit t夜上海论坛he魔都新茶论坛 advantage of officially, ask for other to receive other property property, illegally to be other seek interest, amount is huge; Exploit the advantage of officially, embezzle is communal belongings, number is larger; In the management course of state-owned company, enterprise, misuse of authority, creat魔都新茶论坛e state-owned company, company severe loss, cause national interest to suffer particularly significant loss, lawfully ought to in order to take bribes blame of blame, corruption blame, misuse of authority of staff of state-owned company, company[......]


The 上海龙凤上海419验证归来419论坛Powered By 上海贵族宝贝龙凤Ministry of Public Security: The whole nation uncovers blame legal system to peddle firearms case more than cases 3800 since last year August

Gun of experience of punish of blow of body of countrywide public security violates crime conference of special operation videophone is held 18 days in Beijing, deploy comes since this day the end of the year begins gun of blow punish experience to violate crime this year special operation. Li Wei of committee member of Party committee of the Ministry of Public Security, undersecretary attends the meeting and emphasize, it is important to should carry out central leader comrade deep demonstrative spirit and reform of countrywide judicatory system advance drive of informal discussion of director of Public Security Department of meeting, whole nation, with responsible to people height to the party manner, measure of responsibility of farther aggrandizement leader, aggrandizement, aggrandizement, increase blow in the round, capture, punish, check block up and publicize strength, development of crime of gun of experience of determined keep within limits spreads impetus, cogent maintain national security and social stability, the 19 big victories that are a party hold the environment of security of society with favorable creation.

Li Wei points out, issue of crime of blow experience gun closes stability of overall situation of safety of people life property, security of society. The Ministry of Public Security commits a crime to take seriously highly to attacking experience gun, insist to father accuse firearms policy not to shake, successive deploy begins爱上海千花网论坛 arrest gun to[......]


Hunan 15 years old of girls suff上海龙凤自荐区er from from different because 上海千花网论坛楼风of parents spend again depressed, commit suicide for many times in 5 years

After parents leaves other, hunan small winter of 15 years old of girls (alias) enter subsequently " green and traitorous period " , use even " cut wrist " " jump building " " hang oneself " wait for means to come " protest " . In Hunan Province hospital of the 2nd people (hospital of division of Hunan Province head) little psychology division, she is diagnosed to be " spend depressed disease again " .

Small winter grandmother is recollected, small winter parents leaves other 5 years ago, family of father other group, from this, lively and optimistic small winter changed completely individual, often be in the home a person employs computer quietly. The mood is extreme also rise, for instance she wants to buy an IPad, take food taken late at night, raise a dog, maternal summer lady if not approve of, she reacts ultra box up oneself.

To this, director doctor Wu Xia says, at first family thinks she is adolescence only traitorous, till last year, because disposition is dissocial,enter the small winter of high school, the mood rises and fall big, 上海千花网论坛cannot get used to campus life, this abi魔都新茶论坛lity brings father and mother she reachs a hospital. She is diagnosed to be at that time " depressed disease " , begin to accept medication.

Dan Xiaodong's problem still was not caused take seriously. This year the Spring Festival, kin friend does not believe her " sick " , produce conflict with its, s阿拉后花园Powered By 上海贵族宝贝论坛he cuts wrist from incomplete. Two week hind, because the mother[......]


The China Disciplinary Commission: 2017上海花千坊1314 punish saves ministry class夜上海最新论坛 cadre first half of the year class of bureau of 38 people hall more than 1000 people

2017 firs上海贵族宝贝sh1314t half of the year, censorial mechanism accepts countrywide discipline check in上海龙凤后花园 all the letter is visited inform against 1.319 million second, 上海龙凤自荐区deal with problem clew 521 thousand, conversational case ask 110 thousand second, put on record 256 thousand, punish 210 thousand person (among them party disipline punish 176 thousand person) . Punish saves a 38 people of class cadre, cadre of hall bureau class 1000 more than person, the county is in class cadre 8400 more than person, 31 thousand person of cadre of countryside fa上海千花网论坛mily level, 39 thousand person of general cadre, the other personnel such as country, enterprise 129 thousand person.

Graph 1: Personnel of censorial mechanism punish presses countrywide record be careful in one's conduct post class divides gr上海千花网论坛aph

First half of the year, censorial mechanism uses c上海千花验证归来ountrywide discipline check supervise hold 4 kinds of configuration handle record 492 thousand person-time. Among them, the first kind of configuration 278 thousand person-time, 56.6% what occupy 4 kinds of configuration to handle total person-time; The 2nd kind of configuration 163 thousand person-time, occupy 33% ; The 3rd kind of configuration 28 thousand person-time, occupy 5.7% ; The 4th kind of configuration 23 thousand person-time, occupy 4.7% .

Graph 2: Censorial mechanism uses countrywide disciplin上海千花网论坛e check supervise hold 4 kinds of configuration hold record than the graph

Original title: The China Disciplinar[......]


2017 31 provinces dweller can control income to release first half of the year: 3 provinces上海后花园论坛 exceed 20上海花千坊1314 thousand (watch)

In bureau of electric nation statistic will announce new network Beijing recently on July 25 dweller average per capita can govern 31 province first half of the year 2017 income. Data shows, dweller average per capita can control Shanghai, Beijing, Zhejiang fir上海千花网论坛st half of the year income exceeds 20 thousand yuan, shanghai is 29901.63 yuan highest. Look from the whole nation, countrywide dweller average per capita can control income first half of the year 12932 yuan. Comparative oneself income, do you amount to mark?

Average per capita can dominate 3 provinces town first half of the year income exceeds 20 thousand yuan

The data of national statistic bureau shows, first half of the year, countrywide dweller 魔都新茶论坛average per capita can control income 12932 yuan, compared to the same period name grows 8.8% , deduct price element to grow 7.3% actually.

The dweller can control income, it is t上海龙凤419网友约会he summation that shows the dweller can be used at consuming defray and deposit finally, namely the income that the dweller can use at freedom to control, include cash income already, also include objective income. According to the origin of income, can control income to include salary sex income, management net income, property net income and move net income.

Before dweller average per capita can control income first half of the year 10.

In local level, new network reporter combs discovery in, before dweller average per capita can dominate income rank first half of the year 10 i[......]


500 strong company list of 2017 fortune China are released appe上海贵族宝贝龙凤论坛ar on the ma闵行蝴蝶验证归来rket firm work goes most make money

In report will occupy new network on August 1 news of fortune Chinese network, fortune Chinese net will be released on July 31 at Beijing time newest " fortune " 500上海贵族宝贝sh1314 strong pop chart of Chinese. This a 爱上海list of names posted up is odd by " fortune " (Chinese edition) with in work out of collaboration of department of management of golden company money, thought the biggest China inside global limits appears on the market the enterprise is mixed in the outstanding achievement that goes one year achievement.

The total business income of companies of 500 a list of names posted up on the home achieved 33.54 trillion yuan this year, relatively went up greatly last year 9% ; Net profit amounts to 2.8 trillion yuan, grow about 2.2% ; Business income and profit amplitude all had last year relatively pick up apparently. This year year of battalion of a list of names posted up on the enterprise receive a doorsill to be eleven billion three hundred and twenty-three million yuan,

Only head of a list of names posted up still is 3 sufficient tripartite balance of forces: In petrifaction, medium oil and Chinese building, among them before both battalion received the sum to exceed all 500 appear on the market of company income very one of. A list of names posted龙凤交友419 up of prep close behind is odd of 3 tycoons the advantage that went up to steam group continues to maintain and enlarge champion of sales volume of domestic car look forward to. Before afterwards was entered fir[......]