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Zhang Jieyu of assistant director of Hunan phoenix detention上海千花网后花园 house takes suspect上海花千坊爱上海 K song to indulge firm head jail bully

Dispatch of legal evening paper heads 3 crime suspect division of detention house inspect, sing to KTV together; indulges firm head jail bully, bring about its ferial in do as one wants in inspect room the personnel of many be in custody that its superintend; still can use policeman mobile phone to be contacted for a long time with the outside, enter drugs area the suck inside the detention house thereby.

" legal evening paper " the reporter learns solely, autonomous prefecture of Miao Zu of the Tujia nationality of Hunan Province West Hunan is intermediate forensic final judgment tries detention house of county of phoenix of place former Hunan Province eventually with blame of misuse of authority, derelict blame set term of imprisonment of assistant director Zhang Jieyu 3 years.

Hunan assistant director of one detention house

Take the KTV on three suspect

Zhang Jieyu holds the position of assistant director of phoenix county detention house since March 2015, hillock of certainly of be assigned personal responsibility for, be in charge of room of 11 10 date, inspect, its basically work duty includes to have safe examination to inspect room, clear in time inspect is indoor contraband, order of room of seasonable examination inspect.

On March 25, 2015, auspicious head city is versed in via opening area party appoint former secretary Yi Rong (deputy place class) because be suspected of taking bribes, by discipline appoint put on record is examined and take two plan step. In Ma[......]


Case of nest of corruption of industria上海龙凤后花园l and commer上海千花验证归来cial bureau announces Zhongshan of on the renown wine such as XO of Maotai of director home Tibet 1000 bottles of Guangdong

Apply for a well-known logo successfully, director of industrial and commercial bureau should receive 200 thousand yuan; As joint as the boss sufficient bath house, violate compasses gain profit many yuan 600; Preferment of the official inside the system sends red bag become the order of the day, home of deputy director general medium, office is consumed to get stuck by fish, cheer card to amount to 140 thousand yuan 190 pieces; A party to an undertaking does power quality to trade greatly, cause subordinate follow the lead of, many cadre inside the system has the sexual behavior outside marriage

10 days, guangdong of newest first phase saves period appoint mechanism journal " Guangdong party conduct " announced proposal of nest of corruption of Zhongshan city industrial and commercial system. According to statistic, zhongshan city industrial and commercial bureau in 6 team member, 4 are examined by put on record; Have case of staff experience of tens of renown cadres and many 100 society additionally. Of the personnel of case of big, experience of amount of record of this case experience, of the serious, influence of the problem extensive, it is Zhongshan past years comes place is peculiar.

The near future, zhongshan city discipline appoint gravity investigated case of nest of corruption of city industrial and commercial 夜上海最新论坛bureau. Current, put on record of cadre of Party member of industrial and commercial to Zhongshan city bureau 8 8 people, handle level among them 6[......]


Found an army 上海后花园论坛体验90 years Zhuri and big parade: Hold captive Man Anzhi what straightens? Resume pho上海龙凤网坛tograph

On July 30 morning, congratulatory t魔都新茶论坛he Chinese People's Liberation Army founds an army 90 years military review ends satisfactorily in Zhuri and Education Foundation.

And, man Anzhi also is succeeded hold captive.

I上海贵族宝贝sh1314n military review in special report, appear suddenly of a soldier, let the everybody on the network ate blast of melon masses instant to open boiler. Even the netizen plaints: The Red Army does not have nab he, the reporter was accomplished.

So, this by the person of reporter hold captive who be after all?

He is. . . Man Anzhi! You do not have mishear, it is him! Man Anzhi, currently hold the post ofChinese army the first La Jun brigade brigade commander, also be the brigade commander of hexagon La Jun in fokelore!

Man Anzhi is below by hold captive spot

Little popular science: What meaning is La Jun?

La Jun, it is to show in army imitate defies in maneuver, impersonate the unit of fictitious enemy technically, it can imitate an any arm上海千花网坊y on the world fight feature and Red Army (on behalf of our front army) the training that has specific aim.

Began in June 2015, always join what the organization carries out to span maneuver of antagonism of true soldier of Zhuri and 2015 series, in Zhuri and Education Foundation start shooting, in Man Anzhi guide below, this raises the La Jun of wolf of the prairie that be called, for many times conquer Red Army. Man Anzhi a series of this brilliant military successes, make army of partial Red Army h[......]


Cala新上海龙凤mity of hail of wind of area of the part austral south上海贵族宝贝sh1314west China 41 thousand person is stricken be hit by a natural adversity 5 people die

In report will occupy new network on August 1 message of website of civil administration ministry, in July 30 - 31 days, the strong convection weather such as occurrence thunderstorm of area of part of southwest, Hua Na, gale, hail, cause wind hail disaster. Up to on August 1 9 when statistic, guangxi, Sichuan, Guizhou, Yunnan 4 provinces (municipality) 13 city (autonomous prefecture) 23 counties (city, area) 41 thousand person is stricken be hit by a natural adversity, 5 people die, 800 more than person needs urgent life deliverance; More than 100 house is different degree attaint; Crop is stricken be hit by a natural adversity area 1.9 1000 hectare, receive 200 more than hectare absolutely among them; Immediate pecuniary loss more than yuan 3300.

Data chart: Weather of hai夜上海最新论坛l strong convection. Yang Yanmin of reporter of China News Service is photographed

Specific the situation of a disaster is as follows:

According to report of office of civil administration of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, on Nanning city forest county 1 person dies.

Omit report of civil administration office according to Sichuan, county of Lei Bo of autonomous prefecture of the Yi nationality of tall county of county of edge of kapok city salt, appropriate guest city, cool hill 1600 more than person is stricken be 上海千花网论坛hit by a natural 上海龙凤后花园adversity, crop is stricken be hit by a natural adversity area 100 more than hectare,

According to report of office of Guizhou Province civil admini[......]


Flower because malcontent annuities is reformed,officeholder of 600 thousand teacher goes on strike greatly now

On June 30, england predicts to will about 600 thousand teacher and officeholder hold big strike, the annuities that protests a government reforms a plan. At the appointed time England is many the school, airport and dock will be affected by the strike.

Malcontent government annuities is reformed

A上海千花网论坛ccording to British media coverage, labour union of teacher of British whole nation, teacher and instructor association issue statement, will be in 30 days have big strike 24 hours local time, the annuities that protests a government reforms a plan. There will be many 3000 school to be forced to shut in England and Cambria area at the appointed time, part of many 2200 school is shut.

4 trade labour union also announces before this, will take action on June 30, protest annuities reforms a plan. Among them a labour union ever was warned say, this may cause 上海千花网论坛England since 1926 the industry with the most serious, the most extensive influence is queasy.

The strike of officeholder also will affect the orgnaization such as obtain employment center, revenue and court run. Current, management board of British border land has issued statement, say custom and strike of immigration office employee may cause incur loss through delay of the airport, railway station and dock battalion carry, suggest traveler change the date is gone to flower.

Premier urges official sober

28 days, british premier blocks Mei Lun to ever tried to persuade labour union to abandon going on strike, because if England[......]


4 carrier rocket realize Chin龙凤419贵族宝贝ese long march this year " 14 battle 14 夜上海论坛nimble "

Long march carrier rocket is in 4 third 26 days emissive center of Chinese Taiyuan satellite launchs a success, this means long 上海千花网论坛march the fight that 4 series carrier rocket finishs year smo宁波千花网othly to receive an official, realize 14 battle 14 nimble.

Reporter fro上海千花网论坛阿拉后花园m group of Chinese上海龙凤1314 spaceflight science and technology 8 courtyards learn, this is long march 4 familial a the busiest year, launch a quantity to launch quantity history record than this model year this year (7) broke up one time.

4 series rocket basically assumes long march satellite of sun synchronism orbit a上海夜网论坛nd tilt the emissive task of round orbit satellite, basically include long march 4 armour (CZ-4A) , long march 4 second (CZ-4B) and long march 4 third (CZ-4C) 3 model rocket, all advance an agent for normal temperature liquid 3 class carrier rocket. It is second, third active servicely among them two brother.

Be aimed at different type satellite, 4 carrier rocket can adopt long march to launch program neatly, have the capacity that launchs satellite of requirement of a variety of types, different course, can carry out one arrow single heavenly body or much star to blas爱上海t off, locomotive ability can amount to round orbit of its sun synchronism 3 tons (orbit height 700 kilometers) .

Check already had a data to be able to discover, 2021, long march carrier rocket altogether carried out 4 third 9 times the task, long march carrier rocket altogether carried out 4 second 5 times the task, gr[......]


U.N. plane is in Congo (gold) crash 32 people die only 1 person survives

Xinhua net U.N. on April 4 report (Wei Wei of reporter Bai Jie) Ha Ke of U.N. secretary-general spokesman says 4 days, was in that day Congo (gold) the U.N. prang event that Sa of capital Jin Sha produces causes 32 people to die in all, only 1 person survives.

Ha Ke confirms to the reporter that day afternoon say, u.N. is stationed in Congo (gold) stable specially appointed shares 33 people on round plane, among them 29 passengers, 4 unit staff. Current, only 1 person survives.

Before this, office of U.N. secretary-general spokesman says, this plane by Congo (gold) before Jisangjiani takes off, the city northeast is gone to Jin Sha Sa. Incident happens local time afternoon 1 when the left and right sides.

Say according to eyewitness, just meet cruel wet is enraged when the accident, when this plane tries to land in airport of Jin Sha Sa " bump on track heavily, airframe immediately snaps two chunk and light a conflagration " .

This is U.N. 1999 to Congo (gold) send crashing accident the 2nd times when happen since diplomatic corps. May 1999, u.N. is stationed in Congo (gold) peace keeping specially appointe上海千花网论坛d is round an aircraft accident, cause 6 people death.

This also is the tragic event of casualties of the member t上海千花网论坛hat nearly 4 days will the 2nd case when group of U.N. specially appointed happens cause much famous person. On April 1, u.N. is stationed in Afghanistan to help a group be in Afghanistan suffers violent assault in the remonstrant activity of northern city[......]


Beautiful parole makes staking 11 years old young female encroachs 18 years to obtain punishment 431 years

American north California makes a couple kidnap the gender is invaded to parole young female 18 years and will conceal backyard is delivered of a pair of daughters, 2 days are obtained severally by judicial ruling punishment mixes 36 years 431 years.

This case that causes sensation in American society happened on June 10, 1991. Boreal California Na Taihao lake 11 years old young female Jiessie Du Jiade is in route of car of door mouth captain be mixed by Feilipujiarui nancy Jiaruidoufu Fu. Jiaruidoufu Fu kidnaps Jiessie to about 200 kilometers with the Andiyake south, captivity is in in the home in the shed of backyard. Second sex invades Feilipuduo small Jiessie, atttack with electrical shock gun comminatory she must not escape. Jiessie is minor be delivered of two daughters, by nancy deliver a child, neighbour never witting.

August 2009, the daughter that Philip is taking Jiessie 15 years old to mix 12 years old is in California university Berkeley cent school sends out religious propaganda paterial, because action is上海千花网论坛 unusual by school alarm interrogate and examine, philip discovering after is parole of crime of a sex make. Ever was accused early 1972 the girl that the gender encroachs 14 years old, because kidnap the gender invades a woman,was sentenced 50 years 1977, serve a sentence 1988 parole is released from prison after 11 years. Jiaruidoufu brief of a case of Fu kidnap girl this exposure, 2 people are arrested.

This year on Feburary 28, fu is in Jiaruidoufu Si W[......]


Monaco infante marries " of mermaid of south Africa " to appear intimately broken escape marriage hearsay

Login register infante of Monaco of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to marry south Africa mermaid to appear intimately broken escape: of marriage hearsay origin? ?2011-07-02 10:5 of huge rock of dis上海千花网论坛charge  contraction1 Http://

2 worlds marry shellfish of Er of Monaco infante A 1 day south Africa natant master sportsman Weiteshituoke, there is happiness on new personality face.

In N after report 上海千花网论坛is awaiting new network nearly 30 years on July 2, the Monacan will greet their beautiful new princess on July 1.

2 worlds marry shellfish of Er of Monaco infante A 1 day south Africa natant master sportsman Weiteshituoke, thousands of people is supporting burning sun, wear installing, before palace square watched the living broadcast of oath ceremony.

This one ceremony is held inside Monaco palace, lasted about 15 minutes about. Two new personality fall in the testimony of tens of renown guest, oath knot is a couple.

Two people appear in palace balcony subsequently, 2 worlds of A Erbei kissed a bride on palace balcony.

2 worlds marry shellfish of Er of Monaco infante A 1 day south Africa natant master sportsman Weiteshituoke.

Wedding predicts to cost 50 million pound

A Erbei big marriage of 2 worlds infante is the big happy event that Monaco royal family comes to for years. Royal family last marriage ceremony is 1956, the father of 2 worlds infante marries Aerbei at that time the Geleisi Kaili after American Oscar shadow.



Install times Jin Sanxuan cloth to will disband Japanese congress to be about to cast off currency atrophy predicament

Login register text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to install times Jin Sanxuan cloth to will disband Japanese congress to be about to cast off: of origin of currency atrophy predicament? Salary  ?2014-11-19 10:0Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 7 Http:// channel [summary] he still announces to will decide next year to will increase consumption tax to arrive to the plan defer of 10% in October formerly April 2017.

Combine morning paper net 19 days to report according to Singapore, suffer Japanese economy to be immersed in decline impact, premier An Beijin announces 18 days 3 上海千花网论坛will this month 21 days dissolve parliament, hold general election ahead of schedule. In the meantime, he still announces to will decide next year to will increase consumption tax to arrive to the plan defer of 10% in October formerly in April 2017; Although he did not announce general election date, but media thinks consistently to should be met be in surely on December 14.

17 days, japanese authorities published the 3rd quarter real gross domestic product (GDP) atrophic 1.6% , let outside offset expend tax policy and the doubt that bring times economics result. But, install 18 days times however with these negative data, this as him the decision is disbanded congress and cast off the reason that increases consumption tax on schedule.

Japanese premier brings times advance 3 go up in the press conference yesterday, announce to dismiss congr[......]