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Yunnan salt ferry produces hill body coast 148 people transfer u千花网论坛约会归来nmanned casual上海贵人千花网ties in time

In new network Kunming electric reporter will connect know of center of new上海千花网论坛s of government of county of city salt ferry 25 days from Yunn千花网论坛约会归来an province clear o上海后花园论坛n June 26, that day before dawn 2 when make, persimmon of saline ferry county presses down 3 rivers village to produce hill body coast, already caused a building to collapse 8 26, current, 32 148 people inside dangerous area already were transferred entirely, did not cause personal casualty.

The graph is glad of bell of distant view of coast of body of hill of saline ferry county to photograph

According to bulletin of center of news of government of saline ferry county, on June 24 21 when make, persimmon of saline ferry county presses down periphery of path of village of company上海花千坊爱上海 of leap forward of 3 rivers village to appear to handle appearance of hill body craze more in succession. 25 days of before dawn 2 when make, the place moves below coast body occurrence whole, fall and displa上海千花网坊cement distance amount to 10 meters - 20 meters, already caused building of masses of rustic highway upper edge to collapse 8 26, be damaged badly 6 7, general damage 18 31; Persimmon phoenix highway is blocked up by cave in body, square quantity makes an appointment with 20 thousand stere, saline ferry comes traffic of the authority, direction that press down hero two-way interrupt; Wadi of white water river is crossed to occupy by cave in body make an appointment with 1/4.

Personnel of t上海4197龙凤he public secur[......]


20 years of achievement exhibit recursive motherland of Xi Jinping visiti上海龙凤自荐区ng Hong夜上海最新论坛 Kong: Continue to drive one nation

Original tit龙凤419贵族宝贝le: Xi Jinping returns to the motherland 20 years in visiting Hong Kong when achievement is exhibited, emphasize holding a country to develop good luck to advance one nation to carry out

CCTV network news (news broadcast) : When Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong of People's Republic of China holds water 20 years, xi Jinping of chairman of chairman of secretary-general of Central Committee of Communist Party of China, state, central the Central Military Commission heads for national museum 26 days, 20 years of achievement exhibit recursive motherland of visiting Hong Kong. He emphasizes, hong Kong returns to the motherland 20 years to come, centrally government and motherland inland support energetically below, hong Kong Special Administrative Region realizes each career to develop in the round, gain the success with world accepted place, reveal the vitality with a powerful one nation. Practice of 20 years proves, one nation is the optimal program of the Hong Kong problem that solves historical bequeath not only, also be the optimal system arrangement that long-term prosperity stability maintains after Hong Kong is returned to.

Xi Jinping points out, we should continue adamantine comprehensive and accurate implement one nation policy, constitution of strict according to and basic law of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region handle affairs, better promote development of each Hong Kong facilities. The hope is broad Hong Kong brethren and the peo[......]


How does the member that listen to standing commit上海龙凤419论坛tee of countrywide National People's Congress to comprise a person say上海后花园 " take medicine " problem

Report will inscribe Beijing of Xinhua News Agency on June 26: Filling shortage · carries quality · to charge the price -- what you care " take medicine " how does the member that the issue will listen to standing committee of countrywide National People's Congress to comprise a person say

Introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad of reporter of Xinhua News Agency

Drug problem is problem of great the people's livelihood and communal and safe problem, the issue closes people life safety and social stability. In recent years, the country tries hard to supply safeguard to superintend a system system, integratedly in medicines and chemical reagents ceaselessly about the branch the breakthrough is obtained on construction, raise medicines and chemical reagents to produce quality, build system of date fro上海419论坛贵族宝贝m of whole journey of perfect drug information, improve job of management of medicines and chemi上海千花网论坛cal reagents ceaselessly, make people satisfactory mix be at ease. 26 days afternoon, the report that the member that standing committee of countrywide National People's Congress comprises a person discussed the State Council to supervise working case about medicines and chemical reagents in group and Pharmaceutical Affairs Law of standing committee of National People's Congress execute the law inspection report, will listen to everybody how to look.

Filling shortage: Help medicine should take urgent action instantly

Chen Zhu vice-chairman says[......]


Strong rainfall causes Hunan Province 2.621 million person is stricken be hit by 魔新上海龙凤品茶都新茶论坛a natural adversity because calamity dies 6 people

Dispatch of Changsha evening paper (the reporter corrects book of Zhu Lin of Chun Linyang Wei Ran's reporter) the reporter learns from hall of province civil administration yesterday, that day morning 9 when, the country decreases calamity appoint, civil administration ministry is aimed at and other places of Hunan Yue Yang, West Hunan, Changsha, Chang De big damage caused by waterlogging kills serious rainstorm, lash-up of class of Ⅳ of the urgent country that start providing disaster relief is answered. The working group that by the country ministry of the center that decrease calamity, civil administration expedites is driven that day afternoon go to city of Changsha clear this world to surround Shan Zhenliu greatly spot of river source village examines the situation of a disaster, help and directive place begin work providing disaster relief.

Decrease calamity according to the province appoint hall of civil administration of the office, province up to on June 26 afternoon 4 when statistic, this precipitation creates上海龙凤后花园 14 city administrative division 2.621 million person is stricken be hit by a natural adversity, because calamity dies 6 people, be missing 1 person, move finds a place for 114 thousand person, need urgent life deliverance 72 thousand person, collapse building 1034 3136, serious damage room 1755 4825, general decrease room 15647 39031, crop is stricken be hit by a natural adversity area 209.2 1000 hectare, control an area absolutely 24.9 1000 hectare,[......]


All fronts o龙凤419贵族宝贝f water 上海贵族宝贝论坛level of Hunan endowment river soares produce feeling of danger breaking through a bank, officers and soldiers of 500 armed polices already rush to the rescue

Xinhua net Changsha on July 1 message, 4 great rivers shed Hunan 魔都新茶论坛one of endowment river water level all fronts will soare on July 1, come from message of peach river county to show, the Niu Tian of the river of brook of small-sized affluent otter of endowment river presses down reach of village of 3 ponds bay to produce feeling of danger breaking through a bank, be in at present urgent in dealing with.

That day before dawn 1 when make, county of river of Hunan Province peach dock of Zh爱上海贵族宝贝论坛ang Jia of endowment river reach, river wind上海贵族宝贝论坛 howl, nocturnal rain is mad fierce. The reporter sees on river bank, lotic and billowy Jiang Shui leaves dike of edge river road to have 1 meter or so only, flood prevention situation is pressing and clinking.

On endowment river levee, masses of more than 70 place comprises " the group that protect a bank " carrying sandbag build child bank. From them nearby, still have the armed police officers and soldiers that tighten urgent rush to the rescue from Changsha. Young officers and men people by night rush to the rescue, fast investment arrives build child in bank rush to deal with an emergency.

Xiao Mao of Liu of cadre of town of stone ox town is this raise " the group that protect a bank " " the leader of a sports team " . He tells a reporter, from June 30 nightly 22 when after receiving the job, whole group person is multiplying a bus 20 minutes to hurry to the spot namely. As a result of haste setting out, some team member[......]


Beijing chases after escape reassume results of battle: Red Liu Mengping data is c爱上海aptured after con爱上海自荐贴necting personnel Liu dream to make the same score flee to other country 17 years

On June 29, flee to other country long red a person of wide knowledge and sound scholarship of 17 years member Liu Mengping is captured bring to justice, this is group of resources of afterwards Beijing University form上海花千坊爱上海er president Xie Lining is persuaded to return by the success after bringin爱上海千花网论坛g 爱上海贵族宝贝to justice, beijing discipline appoint, city inspect appoint use strategy integratedly, send force continuously, obtain insi上海贵族宝贝论坛de a week another chase after escape achievement.

Liu Mengping, female, electric power of Chinese irrigation works manages to grandfather former accountant of limited company of engineering of power of irrigation works of source of Hong Kong harbor, on June 2, 2000, becaus上海贵族宝贝龙凤论坛e be suspected of bribery blame be being investigated by put on record, be released by Interpol after gule上海千花网论坛s bulletin. Liu Mengping reachs Chinese Hong Kong at the abscond before put on record, flee to other country reachs southeast Asia after some country, deal with identity of the Three Kingdoms to hide a country for a long time (condition) outside.

Liumeng makes the same score flee to other country 17 years, mechanism of put on record is chased after to Liu Mengping escape 17 years, pay close attention to conceal place of Liu Mengping and track closely all the time. Day network move is started especially after censorial system is reformed, beijing is chased after escape do to be carried out stoutly have escape to be chased after surely, the working pol[......]


"Science " date sets sail undertake test and verify of dependability of sensor of ocean of series of Chinese own resea上海外菜会所rch a上海千花网坊nd development

Original title: "Science " date division takes an examination of boat Qingdao to set sail un上海千花网论坛dertake test and verify of dependability of sensor of ocean of series of Chinese own research and development

Qingdao of China News Service on July 10 report (reporter Hu Yaojie) integrated division takes an examination of ocean of Chinese new generation boat " science " date sets sail 10 days from Qingdao mother harbor, the Nanhai of march to of series ocean sensor such as unmanned submersible has the underwater glider of embarking China own research and development, own type dependability test and verify, this is China uses much station first (set) deep-sea sensor begins series much platform cooperates with, integrated and stereo observation.

The seri上海贵人千花网es ocean sensor of dependability of this second tes上海千花网论坛t and verify is to be in the the Chinese Academy of Sciences is strategical forerunner is special " intertropical o上海千花网论坛n the west energy of material of system of ocean of area of Pacific Ocean key is exchanged " project funds supports next development.

Sun Song of special chief scientist says, will be in this Nanhai test and verify a 12 underwater glider, own style unmanned submersible and Lamanguang the stability of the marine sensor such as chart flaw-detecting apparatus, these equipment are finished by the joint development such as institute of automation of Shenyang of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and institute of ocean of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

"These equi[......]


Qin Daoxiong of上海419验证归来 former president of Hunan coal industry is suspected of the blame such as bribery corruption, misuse of authority by public上海千花验证归来 prosecution

Tall check net on July 12 message, on July 10, 2017, secretary of former Party committee of limited company of group of trade of Hunan Province coal, president, qin Daoxiong of former president of 上海千花网论坛Inc. of times of Hunan black gold is sus上海花千坊1314pected of blame of misuse of authority of staff of bribery blame, corruption blame, state-owned company, company one case, procuratorate of people of classics Hunan Province is appointed administer, to sue of court of intermediate people of in relief city of Xiangyue of procuratorate of people of You Yueyang city.

Procuratorial work mechanism is examining the litigant right that sued level to inform Qin Daoxiong of the accused person to enjoy lawfully, interrogatory the accused person, listened to its to entrust the opinion of paraclete. Indictment of procuratorate of people of 阿拉后花园Yue Yang city accuses: Qin Daoxiong of the accused person as national staf上海千花网论坛f member, exploit t夜上海论坛he魔都新茶论坛 advantage of officially, ask for other to receive other property property, illegally to be other seek interest, amount is huge; Exploit the advantage of officially, embezzle is communal belongings, number is larger; In the management course of state-owned company, enterprise, misuse of authority, creat魔都新茶论坛e state-owned company, company severe loss, cause national interest to suffer particularly significant loss, lawfully ought to in order to take bribes blame of blame, corruption blame, misuse of authority of staff of state-owned company, company[......]


Censorial system reforms focusing of website o上海龙凤后花园f China Disciplinary Commission: Make the vi上海龙凤419论坛ew of the party makes national will

Socialistic law must hold to the leader of the party, the leader of the party must rely on socialistic law. Defeat anti-corruption the fight is brought to development, make the view of the party makes national will, need deepens censorial system reform, administration censorial law builds instead nation censorial law, make be deepened in the round together from Yan Zhi party in the round reform, comprehensive lawfully manage state affairs is organic and unified, harmonious advance.

Treat the view that the country is a party lawfully in the round, the leader of the party is the assurance with socialistic the basiccest law. The party is the leader that socialistic law builds, organizer, person that carry out, according to law the country should be good at making the view of the party becomes state law through legal process already, should pass again comprehensive from Yan Zhi party, according to compasses control a faction, ensure consciousness of cadre of all party organization, leader abides by the discipline of the pa上海千花网论坛Powered By 上海龙凤419贵族宝贝rty, the model abides by legal laws and regulations of the country. The leader of the party and socialistic law are consistent. Want to prevent to fall into legal trap, democratic trap, can oppose both anything but rise, tell law not to mention the leader of the party with respect to stop talking. The leader that holds to a party must banner bright, position is firm, can fumble anything but, not speak in detail. Our country has his[......]


The 上海龙凤上海419验证归来419论坛Powered By 上海贵族宝贝龙凤Ministry of Public Security: The whole nation uncovers blame legal system to peddle firearms case more than cases 3800 since last year August

Gun of experience of punish of blow of body of countrywide public security violates crime conference of special operation videophone is held 18 days in Beijing, deploy comes since this day the end of the year begins gun of blow punish experience to violate crime this year special operation. Li Wei of committee member of Party committee of the Ministry of Public Security, undersecretary attends the meeting and emphasize, it is important to should carry out central leader comrade deep demonstrative spirit and reform of countrywide judicatory system advance drive of informal discussion of director of Public Security Department of meeting, whole nation, with responsible to people height to the party manner, measure of responsibility of farther aggrandizement leader, aggrandizement, aggrandizement, increase blow in the round, capture, punish, check block up and publicize strength, development of crime of gun of experience of determined keep within limits spreads impetus, cogent maintain national security and social stability, the 19 big victories that are a party hold the environment of security of society with favorable creation.

Li Wei points out, issue of crime of blow experience gun closes stability of overall situation of safety of people life property, security of society. The Ministry of Public Security commits a crime to take seriously highly to attacking experience gun, insist to father accuse firearms policy not to shake, successive deploy begins爱上海千花网论坛 arrest gun to[......]